SLO Weight Liftin' 03 Have YOU been Good ALL Summer?

I try to learn something from e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e I meet!

Here are some of my favorite exercises and why I like them! BE CAREFUL... these are big files! If you have a high speed connection you will be much happier... otherwise plan to go out to dinner while they download! --Karen :)


If you know "IRONMAN" then you probably know that he has his own special garage/ weight room! Here's one of the many favorite exercises I learned from him!



Hey , just lifting it is tough and getting my shoulders to lift is the real trick... fun! fun! fun!


VIDEO -- 250 lb. Power Cleans!

This is just a set of two on this filming...  I like these type of cleans the most... I am trying to build my strength, protect my back and get fit... this is GREAT for me!

VIDEO--"EZEH" Twists!

Florence Ezeh taught me this great exercise! I am using 80lbs. of weight in this demonstration (not counting the bar)! feeeel the burn!

VIDEO--610 lb. SHRUGS (Florida style)

At Florida, a few of the gals swear by this exercise. I like it because you can use a lot of weight and not require a spotter! Besides my Doctor likes it!

UPDATE 7/23/03: 630 lb. Shrug!


VIDEO--Dad's POWER Cleans!

My Dad used to say that if you could only do one exercise this would be the one! If you've ever done these as 'burn outs'... then you know you've had a workout! This is 225lbs.



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