Everyone asks me where I bought my Shot put bag? I
use it to demonstrate school pride, but it is also very
functional. You can literally walk for miles and hardly
know you are carrying something!

It certainly looks more like a 'Prada" bag than the 'hobo'
shot carriers out there!

It really isn't all that hard to make. All you need is two big
all leather weight belts (A & B), a long leather strap (C)
(from a hobbies store) and some leather shoe laces (1) to
stitch it all together!

One belt forms the circle that you drop the shot into and
the other supports the bottom of the shot! As you can see
you will need to trim both ends of the belts (A & B) and
reuse the buckles (D) to attach the shoulder strap!

If you need any help or more information -- please email me!