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K-Mail Volume 3, Number 2

September 8, 2003

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Big Happenings in Gatortown!

CLICK to Check out my NEW!! fan page for GATOR CROSS COUNTRY!

Kim Barrett
takes time out from her heavy throwing schedule to aid and support Gator Cross Country!
ALL-American discus thrower Rachel Longfors monitors the finishers on our campus golf course!

Those sand traps are treacherous!

Both Gator men and women won the team titles at the Gator Invitational this past weekend!


Although the Gators went into the game with #3 ranked Miami a 2 touchdown underdog, our courageous Gators clearly demonstrated that they are a force to be reckoned with, losing only in the last seconds of the game!

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Coach Zook has a wonderful web site on everything Gator in football!

           CLICK HERE & Check it out!

HOW can you cook hot food if you don't have the proper mittens?

Aren't my Gator Mittens cute?

Here I am setting a national record as a 16 year old!

Here is my super-secret training diet!

We don't have Training Table on weekends and I try to avoid all the fats you can find in cafeteria foods, so I cook it all myself!

Steaks are wonderful, especially when you use "Santa Maria Style " Seasoning called 'Susie Q.'

Okay... we're a Coca Cola school... but I snuck in a Pepsi! ha! :)

This is my own George Foreman Grill!

It is very cool! You can cook anything you want and all the fat drain off into a small dish!

What I really like is that since the fat drains off, there is no smoke in the room! :) 

I lost 3% body fat since June--Thanks, George!  Thanks, Tyrone!

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