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"K-Mail" Volume 3, Number 3

October 9, 2003

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2004 Indoor & Outdoor Schedule!

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Bernard MachenFLASH!!! The University of Florida Picks a New President!
He attends university sporting activities, eats in the cafeteria and rides a Harley!!!!
He's gotta be cooool!     
Click here to read more!

We wish retiring President Charles Young the best!
2 months 'til INDOORS!!!
...... And We're Ready to Rumble!

... this is all I do all day...
Play, Play and Play video games... I never work out! Yuck! Who wants to get all hot and sweaty! Not me! ... heh heh

If you click on this link , you will discover that our first indoor meet happens on December 5th! Now, it is likely that not all of us will compete in this first meet ... but  I am sure there will be a few surprises that will make it well worth watching!


One of the great things about being a Gator is that you are surrounded by a lot of Gator Great Athletes and Great Teams!

I've made a few fan pages with special links for you to check out! Here are links to a few of my friends!

Gator Cross Country!

Gator Volleyball!

Gator Soccer!

SEE Gator Football & ZOOK Mail!

When Florida wins an SEC Championship,
they really go all out!
Isn't this cute? A Florida "F" surrounded by
little diamonds!
I got to vote in the California Election!
Page 4 for all the details! :)-- Karen:)

My Sister in IRAQ thought I might need a 'Magic Lamp!" This was a way cool gift!



Kristin in Iraq1!
Kristin in Iraq2!
Iraqi  Money
Iraqi Flyer


Here's what my bed room looks like today... neater than it usually is! :)

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