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K-Mail Volume 3, Number 1

August 31, 2003

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Well, you've read about my really productive summer in the last kmail!
Now we're ready to start the new year!  Looks like we're off to a great start!

Super Gator Candice Scott  finished 9th in the finals of the women’s hammer throw last Thursday  in her first ever appearance at the World Championships in Paris.   Candice threw 67.73m/222-2 in the finals.

 Candice will be returning for her Junior Season! She is our school record holder in the hammer and the weight!


Great Football
 this weekend
 in front of
90,000+ fans!
Gators 65 SJSU 03

I'm a leavin' on a jet plane.....well, make that a turboprop...this is San Luis Obispo after all!
(and people say the Gainesville airport is small!)

Daddy and me at SLO Airport....we  had a great time this summer training and lifting together.  Coach Tyrone Ward really helped me with my explosive training!

NEW! Let's get Tyronized!


Three flights and ten hours later.....

The Gainesville Airport shows its Gator spirit!

Ooh...I hate jet lag....did you know jet lag is worse
going East than going West?

WARNING!  If you have a snake phobia, don't read this next part!

THERE'S A SNAKE IN MY CAR!  sssssssssss.........

My return to Gainesville got off to an interesting start
I brought my faithful Mustang in for an oil change and
 tire rotation...Look what they found hiding in
the wheel well!
YIKES! It gave the Gainesville Ford
dealership a lot to talk about!   Hey, recruits....these things are
NOT native to Florida, okay?

A free Boa Constrictor! 
No....not for me!  The Ford guys are going
to give it a good home.  Poor little guy had a rough ride!

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