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"K-Mail" Volume 3,

Number 9

January 1, 2003

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"Gator Great"of the Week!

Tom Borish of TrackShark.Com

"for his wonderful
feature article of
 the Lady Gator
 Throwers! Tom is
 my  Gator Great of this Week's K-Mail!!

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Flash!!!! TRACKshark.COM feature on the Lady Gator Throwers!!!


from Coach Zook!

Kim Barrett says,
"Go Number 12!"
L to R - Rob Glass, Larry Fedora, Cheston Blackshear, Dwayne Dixon, Mike Locksley, Joe wickline, Ed Zaunbrecher, Ron Zook, Charlie Strong, Mike Woodford, Red Anderson,  Bill Miller, James Speer, Mike Stoeber, Adrian Melendez
GoOoOoOoo Gators!
Zook Crew!

280 lbs.
MY :) Big Badda Bench Press!
(click for movies & frame-by-frame)

Over vacation, I try to make some real improvements
in my workouts! I try to concentrate on those aspects
of my training that will bring in the big results!
This past summer, I worked on my 'shrugs' and 'cleans'
and over Christmas vacation, I improved my bench to 280!

Even my Dad improved under my coaching,
benching 405 lbs. in the "over 50" age group! Go Dad! :)
This had been a big goal of his ever since he was diagnosed with
diabetes in 1999.  Now all his friends are working out hard!

12/17/03... My first 4 TURN weight throw!

Karen's Training Secrets: Exer-Genies & Shot Putting!

Left: Sakura Roll of eel, tomago & avocado
Center: California Roll and
Sunrise Roll of Avocado, eel and more surprises!)
I always look forward to vacation SUSHI
from SAKURA'S in San Luis Obispo!

Here I am with my University of Florida
Letterman's Jacket! Isn't it cool?
The Gators represent how many times
I have done something...
2 time SEC Champ and 2 time All American...
and hopefully more to come! :)

Schwarzenegger thanks rescue workers while checking out quake damage Tuesday in Paso Robles.

Big News!  "Sparsely Populated" San Luis Obispo County made the national news when we had a 6.5 earthquake right before Christmas.  Here's Gov. Schwarzenegger touring Paso Robles, which is just up the road from us. 

We had some stuff jump off the shelves, but we all ran outside and everybody was safe.  Our tree didn't fall over.  Our cats were really freaked out for a day or two, though...  :(

Many thanks to all of you who wrote or called to make sure we were okay!  :)

Hey, I can build things too!
I really don't know why more people
don't like to cook...
it's so much fun!

Here's my
Gingerbread house and my
World Famous
'Mississippi Mud Bars'!
We sent a ton of them to Iraq
and I heard they were a big hit
with my Sis and her troops!

Here's Karla!
She just beat one of my Mario Kart records!
We play a lot of 4 player Mario Kart in our family...it's not for woosies!  My sister Kristin
is the master!
It can be 'Mortal Kombat' or anything
and she'll be tough to beat!


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