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"K-Mail" Volume 3, Number 5

October 26, 2003

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2004 Indoor & Outdoor Schedule!

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Special Issue!!
Whether our guest athletes decide to come to Florida or not,
we wish them well and a promising future!

"We" Want You as a "Gator!"

My LINKS and Advice to Recruits:
Karen's Dyestat© Diary! Check out my 5 College visits 

Karen's Workout Pictures! Dressed & ready to workout!
Karen's Florida Diary!  Here's how Florida Student-Athletes live! 
Advice to Recruits!   Here are some things to think about... and why I love Florida!


If you make it at Florida... you can make it
anywhere! Florida is not your regular University...
it is the 'West Point' of Athletics!











The Tire of Shame!

I came out to my car...to go buy a cake...
and I had a most heinous experience! M
poor convertible Mustang had a flat ...
but I still ran over to COLD STONE Ice Cream
and bought a cake for our recruit!

Tomorrow, I have to get a new tire!

 Here's the greatest store in the WORLD!  If you come to Gainesville... don't forget to sample here first!



 There are many rumors that Coach Judge does not eat ice cream or desserts.... but, we have proof!

Hey, Recruits... Wanna get Stronger... come lift with me!

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Recent Lifts!



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