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Akera Lathan


for her NCAA auto qualifier in the shot!






Volume 3,

Number 15

February 21, 2004

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2004 Indoor & Outdoor

  SEC Indoor
Feb 27 - 29
Lexington, KY



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Below (click on the link below) are the dates for our 2004 spring practices and summer camps. We will provide more details on spring practice (time and location) as we get closer to the start of spring drills. We will also continue to update the camp section of our web site. Thanks again for your interest and support of our program. " 
---- Head Football Coach Ron Zook

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This was an incredible week on many levels! One of my long-standing goals has been to achieve an NCAA auto qualifier in the weight, and I got it--65-7.5 (along with a seasonal-best auto in the shot--55-5).  I complain a lot about going to Indiana...hey, I'm a Californian going to school in Florida, and I don't do snow...but I seem to have good meets up there every year.

In other news this week, SMU (where I attended and competed as a freshman) decided to cut the men's track and field team! They added equestrian instead?  What's with that? I'm sure my former teammates will end up in good programs, but it's really sad.  I know first-hand how hard it is to transfer. 

This was definitely a week for shocking news.  My first high school coach was arrested for having a relationship with one of his students.  When I transferred out of his program in the middle of high school, I really got roasted by T&F people who thought I had left a great throws program because I was some kind of "problem athlete" with an "interfering father," etc. etc. etc.  We heard it all.  Everybody's innocent until proven guilty, but my sympathies and support go to the girl involved. She's being very brave, and I'm proud of her.  


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This is so WRONG! This is MY favorite place!
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My cousin Scott, Dad and my Uncle Jim celebrate at the 'Cracked Crab' In Pismo Beach! Uncle Jim (a Lt. Colonel) leaves for Afghanistan this week!
Akera, Kim, and me at the end of a BIG Day!
Our hard-working manager Frank.... Rachel is making sure he is still alive! Poor Frank! Fiji water is the key to life!
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