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Volume 3,

Number 14

February 15, 2004

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2004 Indoor & Outdoor


Hoosier Hills

Friday, February 20th

Bloomingdale, Indiana


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"I had a chance to catch the season opening baseball game last Saturday and then attend the men's basketball game later that night against Vanderbilt. I've always said that Gainesville is a great place to live if you love amateur sports, and I had a good time soaking in the atmosphere at both events. "- Head Football Coach Ron Zook

Karen: Hello Coach Zook! Come see us throw! We're stronger than they are... and better looking! :)

Did you hug your Valentine this week?
Trackshark Rankings for this week:  Florida women #3, Florida men #2

Here's your K-Mail from the Husker Invitational







la receta es un secreto de la familia!
This is no ordinary Lasagna! Yes, it has many of the traditional ingredients... ricotta, mozzarella, olives, mushrooms are all part of it... but with a distinctive Tex-Mex flavor right down to the
Chorizo! Some of the ingredients have to be sent to me here in Florida!

The Tyson Invitational isn't an outdoor meet...
but it is nice to see what the weather is...
just in case we end up outside!

"Cajun Ribeye" to Go!
The Market Place had a
2 hour wait!!


 At our Saturday morning lifting workout,
we met Olympian Jesseca Cross! 

Maybe you can see the little front we had
to pass through to get to Atlanta from
Gainesville? Well, the green is Weather.com's
symbol for rain... and it was a 'rocking and
rolling time' in our little plane! sheeeesh!
One of my teammates called it a '2-bagger'
flight (2 motion sickness bags! yikes!).



Here's an Associated Press photograph of two flamingos from the Orlando area...
so, did you hug your valentine?


Will YOU be my Valentine?




She shoots! Scores!

It takes a lot of work to put together a good K-Mail and a good website! However, it is well worth the effort!

I know that my teammates are in pushed to greater efforts by a chance at a little publicity and recognition! So, I do all I can to support their efforts. One coach even credited much of our success last year to coverage on K-Mail and my site! He was very jealous.  That felt good.

I know that  a world of other great people find K-Mail an interesting window into American track and field. Thank you all!

Here are a few links from my dad  that have helped me:
Power of Positive Coaching
Working with the Press
Building Your Website
  Doing Frame-by-Frames

Here's the BIG Throw
that got away (sector foul)
Frame-By-Frame analysis!
Don't worry...
I'm working on it!

Click here to check it out!

Is this the latest dance routine?

Just my reverse after my throw at

Click here to see the frame-by-frame!

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