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  Candice Scott improves her
NCAA Record in the weight,
and Kim Barrett regains the
national lead in the shot!




Volume 3,

Number 13

February 9, 2004

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2004 Indoor & Outdoor Schedule!

Tyson Invitational

University of Arkansas

13-14 February


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Coach Zook reels in another top ten national recruiting class!

This week in Gator Basketball:

Carolyn Peck's Lady Gators earned their first national ranking of the season--#24--and improved their record to 16-5 overall and 6-2 in the SEC with a win over Kentucky on Sunday.

Tara Taylor knocked in a couple of 3s to help her team to victory.


photo courtesy of gatorzone.com

The #21 men's team split a pair of home games this week, losing a heartbreaker to Kentucky on Wednesday and coming back to top Vanderbilt on Saturday. The guys are now 14-6 overall and 5-4 in the always tough SEC.

Anthony Roberson (shown here) and Matt Walsh each had 25 points in Saturday's game.

photo courtesy of gatorzone.com

'schnee und eis!'
I'm freezing in Nebraska! (I have family in Omaha... but I was unprepared!)

Whew! it took us forever to get to Lincoln! Flights were canceled, rearranged and mangled... but eventually ...including 9 hours in the Atlanta airport alone... we got there.
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As you can see the weather in Lincoln
was going to be cold, but what they don't
tell you is that the wind blowing from
the north made it much colder!
but the nice people in Nebraska
made it wonderful!
Sunny & 1 degree?

  Here is my dad in front of his little cruiser.
Dad said, "It's a 1976 280 S Mercedes and 
it is rather rare. The car has the body style of the larger
450 SLC of the period, but with the 6 cylinder V-6
that made Mercedes so famous".

Anyway, he's bringing it up to speed with all new
parts and a new carburetor!
Dad and his new old car are my K-Mail car
picture of the week!


Snow and Ice or Sunny and Warm? Tough Choice! Join me in Florida !!

Lincoln, Nebraska   Gainesville, Florida

Seeing is believing! Here is a picture
I caught from the web cam a few days
before we left! After seeing the snow,
I knew I had to prepare myself with lots
of cold weather gear!
(read my TrackShark Journal for all the details!)

Here is what I left behind...
75 degrees and sunny!
Gainesville is a wonderful place!

It's home!

Gator Men's Track & Field Recruiting Class ranked #1
by Track & Field News!

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GoOoOooo Gators!

Head Coach Mike Holloway has put together the top recruiting class of 2004.
Congratulations, Coach!

photo: gatorzone.com

Me :) and Akera
We're ready for the cold weather!

Here's your K-Mail from the Husker Invitational

Here's Carl Meyerscough of Nebraska
after his outdoor NCAA winning throw in the shot!

At the 'Husker Invitational', Carl threw:
His Series:
0.68m  20.32m  19.69m  19.92m  20.28m  20.33m 

Normally, I like to offer one of my or my family's favorite
recipes... but when I fix a steak ( almost every day!) ,
I especially enjoy a particular type of seasoning.
Santa Maria , California we are especially known
for cooking 'tri-tip' with a mixture of
garlic, salt, pepper and a mysterious ingredient or two!

Here is my secret to great steaks! I love my
'George Foreman Grill'
and 'Susie Q' brand seasoning!
Here's a link to check it out for yourself!


Akera.... where are you going? The beautiful Gainesville Airport....
yep... we spent hours and hours
and hours and hours here... I guess we love it?

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