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I wanted to design something special for my K-Mail
while I was in South Africa, and with the help of my sister
Karla, I found a nice animal print of
a South African leopard for the background! The header contains
a picture of me, Cape Town from the sea, and the flag of
South Africa as tribute to my old and new friends who call
South Africa "home." I hope you like it :)

It was a very long trip from Los Angeles to London to Cape Town, and I think you can see by the expressions of my fellow travelers from Southern California that we are all way past exhaustion! But we are here now!

I think my sister Kristin would love
this car!

Day 2 in South Africa


I am actually right now in an Internet Cafe at the Waterfront.  I am going to do the wireless thing for my apartment (I think that it is worth it, and I have MANY pictures to send ). :) I also want to have access and to be able to post-- so much seems to be happening that time seems to flying by!!! I went to the ATM today and got some rand out-- it worked! :) (I was worried since I had a 'new' card).  I have to go and check to see if my package has arrived too! ( a Jenny Craig survival kit) :)  One of the things that Stephaney (my roommate) and I did today was check out the post office.  There is one in the main mall, and I got some information on the shipping costs and it seems pretty easy to follow. :)
We also went out to lunch today-- well, it was like three in the afternoon, and I was totally feeling the jetlag today!  I was up for about three hours last night and full of energy, and then I went back to bed and woke up around noon!!!  


A view of the Water Front!

Here's a quick look at our kitchen. It looks a lot like my one in Los Angeles!

Woo hoo—got my grades!

I found out what I got this past semester in terms of grades—all A’s!  That is really neat, and I am very happy that I got my thesis approved as well.  All I have to do is complete my internship this summer and I am done with my Master’s degree.  It seems like yesterday that I just started!  I was really excited about my grades since it raises my overall GPA in Grad School to a 3.7


We took a short tour of Cape Town. The weather changes really quickly here, and I was freezing in my t-shirt!
Lion's Head!

Page 2 --the townships, South African cash and the city!

Page 3 --my apartment, shopping and the view!
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