Hey! You've got

This K-Mail is dedicated to the Trojan Track &
Field Victory over the Bruins, my acceptance
into the Doctoral Program at the University of
Tennessee, and our visit to the Los Angeles Zoo!

And thanks to all of you for making each K-Mail fun!

   K-Mail Archive!

I accepted the opportunity to begin my doctorate at
the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

It is a beautiful and high tech university
nestled against the Tennessee River. I will be working on my Ph.D.
in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations.

Fight On!
We were the Champions...
all of you still are!

The beautiful Galen Center, originally planned nearly 100 years ago! Thanks to some very generous people, it is now a reality!
WOW! That's a little close Mr. Zebra!
Oh yeah, I am the big kid ,too!
Karla loves the Carousel most of all!
Dad captures a picture of Mom and us gals riding !
This peacock was very excited
to see people!
Billy Goats at the Zoo!
Karla drew this cute picture which she entitled "Coach Karen"


This weekend we had quite a fun time!
We "watched, cheered and were thrilled" with the Trojan Victory
over the Bruins. Next, Karla wanted to visit the Los Angeles Zoo.
We walked and walked and walked and walked forever!

Back to SC, I wanted to 'soak it in' before it becomes time to leave.

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