Hey! You've Got K-Mail!
I've included pictures from our first two track meets, the Avenger Arena Football Game, Los Angeles Fashion Week and Kristin's and my wonderful trip to Disneyland!

In the months ahead... graduation... my South African internship and then I begin to work on my doctorate!

Our 2006 NCAA Runner-Up Eva chatting with Aaron before the hammer competition held at West Los Angeles
Brian in the Hammer
Here's a better look at the Hammer facility... remember, Los Angeles was originally a desert!
Mike Curiel in the Ring!
Jecalbs gets his turn
Eva and Ali chatting. Eva has had a great start to her season and continues to lead the nation in the women's hammer!
The Los Angeles Avenger Cheerleaders are also the Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleaders! Small world!
The pre-game huddle
complete with camera
Fewer players but great football! Ever see indoor fireworks before?

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