Hey, You've Got K-Mail!

Okay, everyone gets their turn in the 'Dilbert arena,' and now it's P.R.'s. I am not saying that some people don't deserve it, but I am proud of what we do. Public Relations professionals do more than just 'help you put your best foot forward.' We help clients better understand and react to the world around them and avoid missteps and misunderstandings. We help people and organizations recognize their place in the world and how to be proactive in their best interests.

Coach Allice was very sweet. Here he is describing in embarrassing detail how I 'crushed' rival UCLA.

(My shoes are Giorgio Armani!)

My third team 'NCAA Runner-Up' Trophy.
Once at SC and twice at Florida.
(My makeup is shu uemura and I have a link on my web site under fashion)
The Southern California Trojans always
do events with class... it's almost like
 they have a PR person looking over
 their shoulder!

Our fantastic Trojan Band came to
get us all worked up!
Thank you, Trojans!
There was no doubt in anyone's mind who the best of the best were! Ginnie Powell and Jesse Williams , both multi NCAA Champions and good people. Skinny Mom and me!
Mom has been a great Jennie Craig Partner!

(I talk about our successes in weight control on my blog!)

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