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January 22, 2004

"It's Great to Be Alive ... in 2005 ! "
Good luck to all of my former teammates  ... Akera! Kim! and Chinelo!

I really miss Akera's sunny personality; she was so
much fun to talk to. We still talk on the phone,
gossip mostly, and that is fun! Akera's doing great...
shhhh... that's a K-Mail secret!
Well, the 'three musketeers' won't be competing at Florida this year and that is sad... but I will watch them and CHEER when Akera and Kim come around to compete!

Here's Akera again with Chinelo

I wish the best of luck to my former teammates Akera Lathan and Kim Barrett! I am sure they will continue to be the same great athletes and wonderful people at Miami that they were here at Florida. Miami is very fortunate and so are they!

Chinelo has not left Florida, she will no longer participate in collegiate track here (and I know why). The good news is that she seems to be much happier now.

As for me, I will be graduating this summer... so who knows? Just like Arnold... "I may be back!"

Flash! ... Just in! .... Kim and Akera throw in their first meet as 'Canes!

Congratulations ladies!       You have a great beginning!     You are the REAL DEAL!


Leonard Hilton Memorial Meet

University of Houston - 1/21/2005

Women's Weight Throw!

20.50m -- AUTOMATIC Mark




Name Year School Finals

1   Kimberly Barrett   Miami 20.77mm AUTO 68-01.75

2   Akera Lathan   Miami 17.71m 58-01.25

3   Khadija Talley   Miami 17.49m 57-04.75

4 Shayla Bowman Houston 17.12m 56-02.00

5 Sarah Baker Texas State 15.63m 51-03.50


Have You made any New Year's Resolutions?

Here are some of mine:

My goal is to continue to lose weight ... I am working on increasing my fitness and strength and losing another 20 pounds!

My goal to get accepted to a great grad school. Hey, track is cool, but attaining a first rate educational experience is key to future success for me.

My goal is to improve my training , compress it, focus it and get more out of the time invested. My high school workouts were focused and I want to return to that philosophy.

4) Here's my dream for 2005: I want to be able to eat chocolate and ice cream sometimes! Hey, losing weight is the goal, but I also want a few treats along the way (don't worry, I have cheated !). Why is it that they don't have the 'Ice Cream and Chocolate diet? Why is it that everything that helps you lose weight  has cauliflower and broccoli in it?


(Not everyone knows about See's Candy... but if you ever want a real treat ... buy some and enjoy it for me!)

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