30 November 2004

The results of the
karenfreberg.com Sexual Harassment survey are in:

Does Your College Have a Coach-Athlete No Dating Policy?

64%  percent of respondents supported having a very clear "no-date" policy between coaches and athletes currently under their supervision.  

83% percent agreed that a coach dating an athlete he/she supervises would have a negative impact on the team.                     read the survey here!

For more results click on the following link:
Sexual Harassment Survey Preliminary Results

"Nothin' but air there!"

"One picture is worth a thousand words!"
see it! believe it! deal with it!

We all went to Sakura's for a special lunch on Friday after Thanksgiving!I am amazed we could still eat after our Thanksgiving feast! Dad got a 40 lb. turkey and had to look all over California to get it! It took 4 bags of stuffing to fill that monster!

Time Off?!! You got to be kidding! My cousin Scott is now at Santa Barbara under throws Coach Dagata and loves it! He also loved coming back to our old 'home gym' for a fun workout!

Scott was shocked with my increased strength and fitness!

Karla knows I love to run stairs, so here is a drawing she sent me of me doing just that! She has a new art program called PhotoShop that allows her to really use her creativity!
Here's Karla's drawing of me studying for my GRE!
I do want to go to grad school and doing well on
this exam is important!


On the left is a picture of Mom and Dad they sent me! Karla was shooting pictures all over the place and grabbed this one in their 'workspace' computers room! Notice that mom has a keyboard for a little fun!

Mom gave Kristin her baby grand piano and Dad wanted mom to have something to plunk on. Don't feel sad for Mom, she has a Conn Organ in the living room! We all play something! I play the clarinet!


art and animation Karla Freberg 2004

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 Sexual Harassment Survey Preliminary Results

Thank you for all your support! :)




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