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Hey, You've Got K-Mail!
Sunday,  February 26th, 2006 !!  
  It's Hamma' Time!

(It's a start and I made  9th on the All-Time List!)

read: USC's take on the meet!

Worry not that no one knows of you;
seek to be worth knowing.

-- Confucious

Have you ever had a picture that haunted you?
I really didn't want my picture taken. So here I am in 1993 (age 10).

The good news was that we were all in Rotorua, New Zealand having the time of our lives. We went to Fiji, Tahiti, Australia, Tasmania and topped it off in Hawaii!

My school heard about our trip and asked my mother to present the slides to the entire school. The funny thing is that my dad slipped this picture back into the presentation for all the world to see!

Believe it or not --
I once thought this picture was embarrassing!

USC All Time Rankings

Karla animated this lioness as 'tinkerbelle'

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Rather fail with honor, than succeed by fraud.

 -- Sophocles

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