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Wednesday,  February 22nd, 2006 !!  
 Track Banquet & Game!

The Moment after the Trojan Victory!
USC 71 - UCLA 68


If you aren't fired with enthusiam, you will be fired with enthusiam!

-- Vince Lombardi

USC All Time Rankings

A lot has happened this week!

First, I am covering in this K-Mail the most exciting Men's & Women's Track and Field Banquet that I have had the privilege to attend. Everyone who counts was there: our famous athletic director Mike Garrett, Olympians, Gold Medalists, other former Trojan Greats and a wonderful collection of families and supporters as well as team members and coaches!

If that wasn't enough, the USC-UCLA basketball game was one for the record books!

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My official USC luggage tags! 3 Trojans!

One chance is all you need

-- Jesse Owens

Page 2 -- the Great USC Track & Field Banquet!

Page 3 -- USC 71 -- UCLA 68


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