vol 7 issue 4
Hey, You've got K-Mail!
January 5th 2006 !!  
"see it!    believe it!    deal with it!"


Wishing You a Wonderful 2006  !

Here we are with another year passing and so much has happened!
Most of the serious athletes trained this vacation and I was not an exception;
however, I did manage to have a little fun on the way!

This K-Mail contains some of the fun of my vacation, some of the training and
the realization that the next K-Mail will be of my first meet!

Karen :)

Here's a thumbnail of all of us celebrating with a little of the bubbly!


Here's a thumbnail picture of my cousin Scott and me while we were  at home.

Click here to hear about our vacation workouts!

I just love this picture Kristin took from her recent trip to Palau!

Do you see the big sea turtle??

INDOOR SCHEDULE ( for complete schedule CLICK HERE)

Jan. 21 - New Mexico Indoor Meet - Albuquerque

Jan. 28 - Quadrangular Meet @ Wash St. - Pullman

Feb. 11 - Tyson Indoor Meet - Fayetteville, AK

Feb. 24 - USA Indoor Championships - Boston, MA

Mar. 10 - NCAA Indoor Championships - Fayetteville, AK


Page 2 -- Good Food and Good Fun!
Page 3 -- Karla's Art Gallery!
EXTRA-my vacation workouts!
Greetings from California!

Happy New Year!

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