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In this issue, I cover the USC-Fresno game, a fabulous 'Turducken'! and a shopping trip along 'Rodeo Drive' in Beverly Hills!

" California here I come, right back where I started from!"

the USC-Fresno Game!
I thought the Notre Dame Game was good, but this game was really something special! Everyone was in on the victory! Our 'unappreciated' defense really came to the game ready to rumble! I think our defense made more yards receiving Fresno Passes than Fresno did! :) When you watched Reggie Bush in person, it's hard to figure out how he makes all those yards.

There seemed to be so many 'Heisman moments' from our team that we all sat around thunderstruck! Our next game? UCLA of course!

I learned a long time ago the importance of a pregame meal! Obviously, if I got to choose where we would eat -and I did- it was at a nice Sushi house within the Bonaventure Hotel complex. We had a great time, although they were out of Uni!

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Kristin loves sushi as much as I do!

She actually took me shopping the day before  in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive! She bought me a Prada Purse!!!

Here we are at the great USC-Fresno Game ready to cheer our heads off! It was fun seeing my loyal Bruin mom getting into the game!
I never thought we'd be able to get great seats like this! We saw it all and missed nothing except when Mom was peeking between her fingers during the scary parts!

My sister Kristin graduated from West Point and wanted to 'borrow' a couple of the guys for their big game against Navy! I wonder if that'd work?

Yeah, here's my Trojan Dad ready to whoop it up! When I saw my dad's enthusiasm at the game, I knew why the word 'fan' was short for 'fanatic'!
Here's my sister Karla and my official 'K-Mail' photographer, animator and artist extraordinaire! She's a little sleepy after such a big weekend!
Mom's slightly awake but very happy after her big night! We tried to get into our reserved parking but found it filled up, so we used the shuttle from the Staples Center in downtown which was actually fun!  

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