Hey, You've got K-Mail!
Well, I guess I understand the old school
song we used to sing as children:

" California here I come, right back where I started from!"
Welcome to my first K-Mail as an 'official" member
of the
Trojan Track & Field Team!

After graduating from the University of Florida, I thought I hung up my
track shoes for good and set my sights on grad school.
Little did I know that I would have the wonderful opportunity of
spending my last year of eligibility at the fabulous University of
Southern California!


Just off the track is a banner
USC Track & Field!


Here I am at the USC shot put ring! Believe it or not I actually threw here in 4 high school meets! The L.A. Invitational was held each January here and it gave us 'west coasters' a chance to see what we could do. Unfortunately, we often threw in the rain!
K-Mail FLASHBACK! 2001 : This is one of my
favorite pictures from high school. I was throwing for San Luis Obispo
High School vs. Arroyo Grande. I seem to remember I threw 52'-8 3/4".

K-Mail FLASHBACK! April 14,2003 :
"I had a chance to catch up with
an old friend,
Lai Lai Crawford of
the USC Trojans
....we really push each
other in the ring! 
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This is Homecoming at USC !
October 29th, 2005
There was no place to stand, sit or move !!
Here's a close-up picture of 
USC's National Championship trophy!
Everyone was taking their turn having their picture taken with "Tommy" Trojan. I am glad I had taken my picture earlier and didn't have to wait  forever! Whew!

Page 2 -- Working the Home Coming Booth !

Page 3 -- More Great Homecoming events!


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