A Graduation Party For 2 !!!

As you can imagine, we needed to have a party for the NEW graduates in the Family-- Kristin received her Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Missouri, Rolla in July, and I received my Bachelors of Science in Public Relations from Florida in August!


Here's Dad fixing some of the vittles for our party! He has an 'old family recipe' that takes days to prepare and he won't tell anyone how he does it!!!

When I asked him for the recipe, he said," it's an old family recipe ... and they're all dead!"

We also had BBQ'd prime rib, Dad's special baked beans and a variety of potato and macaroni salads and garlic bread. Basically, what you might call, "Man Food."

My recipe Page!



Here's dad and me!

Dad's wearing one of the shirts I gave him. Kristin gave him one from Missouri as well!

Dad and Mom put up long ago their own 'Wall of Gaylord' (Did you see "Meet the Fockers?") Karla has a huge wall just of her drawings!



Let the 'FEAST' Begin!

Well, the party is a long way from starting but we were developing a few staging areas for things to begin to happen!

Dad bought some Chateau Margaux
for the occasion!

It was a great party!



Here's a view of the walk to our home.

This is California of course, so we have lots of beautiful flowers. Do you see the fuchsias?

We have 56 rose bushes, Japanese Maples and even a Gingko tree! Oh yes, we do have a grape arbor.


My Home Town!



A lot of brush was being cleared away for the party. Do you see the 'tea house'?

We have indoor plants and a spa in the tea house which makes it a great place to relax after a long and tough workout!



My car has gained the USC Spirit!

I am working on learning the L.A. streets which is no easy task, but driving to school is easy.

My NEW Boyfriend!



Don Wright and my sister Kristin. Don is a friend of the family and as his t-shirt might suggest, he does sell cars. :)


Don is one of my Dad's Harley buddies.

 Don is Vietnam Vet and has been one of Kris's biggest fans through her West Point experiences to today!

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