August 24, 2005  

As most of you know. I did not throw in 2005 due mostly to circumstances beyond my control. However, I did invest my time wisely by graduating from Florida on time!

In fact, I graduated with an over all GPA of 3.44 and even higher GPA in my major in Public Relations! -- Karen :)




Here I am on the internet. Florida broadcasts all their graduations! This is especially nice for family and friends who cannot make it to graduation.


I kept this expression for at least 3 hours!



Here's mom and me at graduation!

Don't we look alike?

HINT: I am the one in the cap and gown!


Have you seen my
Mom's web page?





Here's my big sis Kristin looking fashionable in the Florida sun!



Thanks to Kristin, I was kept in the latest styles at graduation!

She is always thoughtful and sweet!


Kristin's New Home!
(wait for the music!)



Mom and Kristin celebrating Kristin's Masters in Engineering Management! Kristin is always raising the bar in the family!


Congrats, Sis!



Well, after graduation, it was indulgence!

We stuffed ourselves at Gainesville's "Melting Pot" which is part of a chain of old fashioned fondue places!

There's never too much fondue! or cheese! or chocolate!



Is there a "Melting Pot" Near You?



Dad took Kristin and Mom to a Toby Keith concert before my graduation! Dad got a chance to meet Toby and wow, he is a big guy too! Dad said he was a real 'down home guy.' Dad's not easily impressed, but he was impressed!

Toby has some wonderfully patriotic , soulful and funny songs that make all of us laugh, smile and cheer!

Toby Keith LINK !

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