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Monday, March 13th, 2006 !!  
  'SC Rocks!
National Champs
Virginia & Jesse lead the way!

 Karen, Brysun, Jesse, Virginia and Candice

1) Texas 51 2) Stanford 36 3) Arizona State 30 4) North Carolina 29 5) Miami 27
5) Georgia 27 7) LSU 25
8) Southern California 21 8) Auburn 21
10) Northern Arizona 20 10) South Carolina 20

USC's Pre Meet Review!

Day 1 Article
Day 2 Article


 In spite of Alexis Witherspoon being unfairly left behind
by an NCAA decision, the women of Troy found
great success, laughter and a few tears in this year's
 indoor meet -- but with a vengeful eye towards
the outdoor season!

As "EDNA" says, "I never look back, darling, it distracts
from the now!"  And there is a lot  of 'now' left in this season!

We have a long season ahead of us with plenty of competitive meets on our plate.
There's the UCLA dual meet which always brings the best out of competitors, the
Mt. SAC Invitational, the PAC 10 conference meet (OREGON), the
NCAA Regionals (BYU) and the NCAA outdoor Championship (Sacramento).

There's a lot happening in the next few months and we'll cover it all here in your K-Mail!

The great enemy of clear language is insincerity.

-- Orson Wells

This is my last NCAA indoors meet and although I would like to have finished higher, I was ranked 17th going in and ended up 13th. Although it was a tough finish, I remind myself that it isn't over yet!

This is also the last year that the NCAA Indoors will be held at the University of Arkansas. They have been wonderful hosts and it has been -- even in the tough times -- always a great experience for me!

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On the left is a "Google Earth" view of the indoor track and field facility (lower left in photo)  at the University of Arkansas, the baseball stadium is equally impressive.

On the right and marked with the address is the famous ( at least to me!) Marketplace restaurant in nearby Springdale! I can taste that 'Cajun Ribeye' right now!

Missed this one --- one to go!

A couple of officials approached me and asked if I had been there before as they seemed to recognize me. :)

I said this was my 4th NCAA Indoors meet and that I was with Florida in '03 and '04 and SMU in '02. They were very happy to know that they weren't seeing a mirage!

I also ran into Roger Van Pelt -- a perennial fixture at big meets -- and a great official.

  Got Mexican Food?

When you think of Mexican food—you think of California, Texas or even Arizona.  Coach T, Coach White, and our massage therapist Bill and I wanted to get some food, so we started driving around downtown Bentonville (it’s near the airport).  We found a Mexican restaurant called “Maria’s Mexican Food Restaurant.”  They have four locations in Arkansas and Missouri. 

 At first, I was like—well, is this going to be as good as it is back home? The salsa was fabulous, and my steak fajitas were out of this world!   I have to say, I was proven wrong and our lunch was absolutely wonderful!  We now found a great little place to get some great Mexican food in Arkansas! J

If you find a path with no obstacles,
it probably doesn't lead anywhere.

-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Not everyone went to the NCAA this year; however, they were not without a meet.
Many competed -- some for their first time in a Trojan Uniform -- in the
Ben Brown Invitational at Cal State Fullerton in the often rainy day!


Special Congratulations to fellow thrower Eva Orban on her great start!

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