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"You've got a goal, I've got a goal.
Now all we need is a football team!
-- Groucho Marx


   Football Game


We finally got a hang of what to do on game days!  Mom, Dad, and I woke up at the crack of dawn (well—not really, but for a grad student, anything before
 8 am is early!)
J and we parked on campus—and all we had to do was wait
for the game!  It was also Parent’s Weekend, so Mom and Dad go to see where
 my classes are at Annenberg as well as checking out the athletic facilities.  Dad said that it brought him back memories of when he went to USC for two graduate degrees.

 Here we are at the end of the game!
As you can see, no one had left!
If you look at the big screen near
the Olympic eternal flame, you'll
see something pretty neat!
(enlarged below)
Like my hair?--- I made a bet with
someone to get my hair done
this way --- IF --- something
happens --- Yikes! Well, I'll let you
know if I have to 'pay up !'

a.      Semester is half-way done and I only have two more semesters to go!  I just finished my midterms, and they went really well.  I had two 20 page papers due as well as a presentation.  I also have been working on my thesis—lot of work, but I’m enjoying the topic.  My topic covers reputation management and crisis management.

 My family and I have been impressed
 with how the USC Trojan coaches
all conduct themselves. The pressure
 for excellence is great at USC, but you
would never guess by how they all
 handle themselves on and off the field.

This was especially true of my experience
 as a member of USC's NCAA runner-up
2006 women's track and field team!


 The offensive and defensive lines
are such  critical elements to the
 success of any team. Obviously,
they can't do it alone, but it is
on their shoulders to give the first
spark to the big events on the field --
we will need to see even more from
 them in the future!

fight on!

a.      What about that GAME?


I’ve seen a lot of games in my six years of being in college, not to mention the four I saw on my recruiting trips in High School.  All I have to say about the game versus Washington is—2 seconds is too much time!  I like the games where USC scores 70 points or more—and that is what we call “cupcake” games.  I miss those!  This game was so scary!  After the game, I felt totally beat—and mentally exhausted!  The game next week is against Arizona State, so we will have to see what will happen!

Karen J


Here is the USC Band practicing with
the "SNAKE" -- I heard it was one
that was found in an airplane!

Famous Names are found
in special places!
Big Fans! Mom and Dad prepared
 for the weather!
A closer look at one of my 'tattoos'!
Well, it washed off the next day!

 Page 2-- USC Trojans Vs. Washington Huskies!
 Page 3-- USC Trojans Vs. Washington Huskies!

 Page 1-- USC Trojans Vs. Washington Huskies!

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