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    ... and what did you do this summer?

This was my first summer off since around 8th grade!

Most of my summers have been filled with training, jobs, summer school and whatever time was left... work!

This summer, I had the opportunity to spend some time with my sister Kristin! Would you go to Hawaii -- if you had enough frequent flyer miles to take you there? Did you know that some universities let you keep the frequent flyer miles you get from traveling to competitions? You betcha!

                     So off I went and here's what we did!

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Here is just one of the typically wonderful days on the beach at Waikiki! The water was warm, the air was warm and the food was magnificent!

Kristin loves to surf on the 'North Shore', so naturally we had to spend some time up there!


A view into Kristin’s world:  Visiting the Navy Commissary


I am very proud of Kristin and what she has done in the Army—she is so accomplished and one of the bravest people that I have ever known.  I was honored that she showed me around some of the places that she goes to.  One of these places is the Navy Exchange, a place where military personnel shop at.  It was really cool—I got to go as Kristin’s guest and they make sure that you have your ID with you and that you are with someone from the military.  It was really neat! :) 

All of the stores were really organized—even the lines were!  I thought it gave me a view of what Kristin’s life is like.

I never got tired of the beautiful sunsets in Hawaii. in fact, I ended up taking a sunset picture every night and did not realize this until I returned home!

Kristin is proud of her Ford truck! I think the thing that she likes about it the most is that it can haul all of her diving gear and everyone else's!

Kristin bought a new home and one of my tasks was to help her move some of her stuff. We had a lot of fun, except with this extremely awkward latex mattress that had to go upstairs! I called it 'devil mattress!'

This past week, I got to spend some time with my sister Kristin at her new place in Hawaii—she has been living there for a year now. 

It was a wonderful time—I got to see parts of Hawaii that usually tourists don’t see—North Shore, hiking up Diamond Head, looking at fish 130 feet below the sea surface, taking a wonderful dinner cruise, and many other experiences.

Okay, okay! I know you are going to tease me about this, but although I am on a diet, I did break down and indulge myself a little.

Kristin took me on a dinner cruise around Diamond Head as a special treat and we had a great meal and a fun time.
Here's one of the pictures I took of Diamond Head! By the way, we hiked to the top of it! More about that later!

Kristin took this picture of me on the dinner cruise... wait until you see what I had for dinner!

I know all about Flamingos, after all, we had them in Florida, but they are pretty!

Here is a picture of me in front of probably the number one tourist spot on any of the islands... I even blogged a little about this... Kristin and I were on the web cam that covers this area!


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