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K-Mail Secret #1--- I get this question asked of me a lot, "How do you manage to put out a newsletter and maintain a web site when a lot of athletes find it hard just to do what is expected of them?"

It really is a good question. Let me start by saying that K-Mail itself isn't all that hard. I have a basic formula that I use... and if you check carefully, my K-Mails follow the same general format and this is a big time saver! I also utilize other people to help take or suggest ideas for each K-Mail. I listen and this helps. I heard from subscribers that they wanted me to 'interview' some of the 'behind-the-scenes' people in track and field like Tom Borish. Well, Tom is a busy guy ... but I managed to get a photo of him and the elusive photographer Kirby Lee!!!

So, the bottom line is that if you plan ahead ... you can do anything! -- Karen!

Now, let the summer begin!



No, I didn't grow these!
These are called "French Tip Nails," and
yes, you can throw and lift with them (typing is
a whole different thing)
Nebraska had a bunch of fans at the NCAA!
Nik Arrhenius of BYU threw heroically...
 broken hand and all!
OUR gift from the NCAA! I guess they want to encourage web pages?
Fried Alligator??????????
We tried it, and it wasn't too bad...tastes
like chicken.....
Turnabout is fair play...This is one of our campus signs at UF... they are warning you not to become any of our many mascots' late night suppers!

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