NCAA Page of Special People!

Here's Florida's hard working
Sports Information Director!
middle name is 'she-can-do-it-all!"
Who is this 'Mystery Coach"? Yes, he has been a
star in the Commonwealth as well...
and an
SMU alum and a lot more!
Here is my cousin Scott's new coach (Scott's 
signed with UC Santa Barbara!) with Amy Haapanen, who competed in shot, discus, and hammer. Watch for the Santa Barbara Program...
it's off to a great start!
Dad really got us here!
He's out in the center of the field with his super zoom and catches
Mom, me and the Camarena's! Mom has her phone on so she won't miss any of the action on the field!

Funny thing is I can see dad filming us!
Here's another MYSTERY Coach! He's the
founder of IRONWOOD thrower's camp...
and the
Throws Coach at the
University of Washington!

Do you know who he is?

Uncle Jim sent this picture from a bridge he worked on in Afghanistan... he said the biggest challenge was getting the water to flow under the bridge!
GOTCHA DAD!!!! Dad with his 'colleague' media people! You look too comfortable out there! Michael and Michelle Carter... I always like seeing
dads and their daughters enjoying sports together!

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