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Gator Men NCAA Runners-Up!




Volume 4,

Number 7

June 14,  2004

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U.S.A. Olympic Trials!

I 'll be there with  the
San Luis Distance Club (no, not
running distance!)


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Gator Feasting! Eat or Be Eaten!
Men are NCAA Runner-Ups!  Women take 5th!

Thrower, Hurdler Win NCAA Titles, Men 2nd, Women 5th

Florida Men's 4x100m Relay, Hurdler Win National Titles
Leeanne Sears Florida's SID


Everything that could have happened.... happened in this NCAA!  Lots of rain ... lightning ... good times and fine food!

I've got to tell you that it all turned out fine at the wonderful University of Texas... remember, I was born in Houston after all! This was a walk down memory lane for my dad. He competed here exactly 30 years ago when he took 2nd in the discus. He told me it rained even harder than it did this time! Hmmmm... he also told me he walked three miles in snow to school and it was up hill both ways! Should I believe him?

As you will see... I have lots of pictures, movies, frame-by-frame analysis ... and a whole lot of folks you have never met before! So don't stop now... come on in and see what happened at this year's NCAA!

What's not beautiful at the University of Texas?
It is almost a theme park itself! Here is the
billboard in the Track Stadium announcing
the Championships!
You've seen his pictures all over track & field web sites... on the left is the famous photographer
Kirby Lee!

Next time you are out in the track and field waters, here he is...
the man behind 'TrackShark.com'...
 Tom Borish!

Oh Well!!! Caught me! Here I am enjoying a waffle cone
(okay--it's fat-free yoghurt) at the Highland Mall!
Flags at half mast for President Reagan

Is it time for football yet? Not quite... but you really need to see Coach Zook's wonderful web page! Click on his link below and see the Gator Great Program in action!

Gator Fans:

I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday last Monday.

As some of you may have heard and as I wrote in my last letter, I was given the opportunity to fly with the Blue Angels on Tuesday, June 1st in Pensacola.

I arrived at the Naval Air station at 6:30 a.m. and went through a two-hour flight orientation and briefing with the Blue Angels. I was then scheduled to go up in Blue Angels No. 7 with pilot Lt. Justin Otto at 10 a.m. I was dressed in my flight suit and in the cock pit ready to go, but bad weather delayed the flight. After a two-and-a half hour wait, the flight was officially cancelled.

Despite not getting to fly, it was an awesome experience. The amount of organization and teamwork I saw first hand in the briefing room and pre-flight planning was unbelievable. Every facet of their operation is detailed, reviewed and evaluated daily. There is no "practice" once they get in the air and there is no margin for error. The precision they operate and how team oriented they are is truly special. I was exposed to the highest level of planning and teamwork there is - the very same things our coaching staff preach to our players every day. Every member of the Blue Angels team is on the same page, the egos are checked at the door and they are all working toward one common goal. No one pilot is bigger than the unit. If we can get our players to understand that concept, we can be a very successful team. As I've always said to our players - you have to have good players, but it is not always the best players that win, but the best team. The Blue Angels are the best team!

I've seen.

I will get another chance to fly with the Blue Angels in July, but the on-ground experience was great. I will actually be more prepared and excited for the flight now that I have been through everything.

After the fight was cancelled, I drove over to Destin, where the Southeastern Conference was holding their annual meetings with coaches, athletic directors and faculty representatives. We spent Wednesday in meetings discussing NCAA and SEC rules changes and issues that lie ahead of us in our profession. We listened to representatives from the NCAA and the SEC about future and current legislation. There was also a special report of the Task force on Compliance & Enforcement that the SEC put in place last year. It was an educational day and a half in Destin and now we are back in Gainesville with less than a week before our first camp.

That is all the news for now and thanks again for your continued support of our program.

photo: frebergsports.com

Ron Zook
Head Football Coach
University of Florida


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