Frances is gone...

"We got to miss two days of school due to the hurricane, and being indoors

for two days straight can make you go crazy! I got so bored on the last day

that I even read ahead in my accounting book (okay, that is pretty sad!)" -- Karen :)

It's Not Over Yet!!!! ...Here Comes

Thanks to the great folks
at  Plymouth State University
we can see how hurricanes
are likely to affect us!

Here is the latest on Hurricane Ivan!

Don't worry... I know what to do now!

Well, I was very lucky... I still have to take COLD showers (which isn't all that bad in Florida!)... I kept my internet (except for about 2 hours), air conditioning and power! Not everyone in Gainesville was as lucky, and students and faculty had a lot to talk about when classes resumed this past Wednesday!

What's funny is that people here think our California earthquakes are somehow worse or scarier than hurricanes! I guess it's all what you're used to. Yes, our earthquake last December in San Luis Obispo made the world news, but you don't evacuate days ahead of an earthquake, and it's all over pretty quickly. I had to ask a lot of people about what to do (and what NOT to do) during a hurricane. The only other hurricane I've been in was when I was a baby in Houston (Hurricane Alicia), and I don't remember it at all.

 INQUIRING minds like to know!   Here are my USADA Drug Tests from the Olympic Trials! :)

Out by the tennis courts, there were a lot of
fallen branches. This was typical
of the minor stuff we had to contend with!


As you can see...
there was a lot of stuff everywhere! UF staff are doing a great job getting everything cleaned up.

Here's some more storm damage. Some of the dorms were flooded, too, but mine was okay.

"One thing that you need to get in a hurricane is plenty of water (no, I didn't get any Fiji water!) :(
and also bread, fruit, batteries, crackers,
and other stuff."

Check out Fiji WATER! YUM!

What can you do when you are inside?
Well... here are a few of the things I used
to stay in shape!

"I had to be creative in terms of working out-- I did some Pilates (man--they are hard!!), used my exergenie and did some upper body workouts, using dumbells. Also,
even though I couldn't do Gator Mountains, I did run
the stairs in my dorm (we have four floors, but it is better than nothing!) You have to be creative and active as
much as you can because there are not that many places that you can go to."


Here's a look at my world from the dorms!


"My dorm complex was unlucky to lose our hot water,
but others still do not have power or water in their homes.

A lot of people have gone home to be with their families
or they are staying with friends who have power."

I was able to keep up with the 'scoop'
on the storm through our local stations....
 I also watched the VHS version of "Rebecca,"
one of my favorite movies that my dad sent me ... very cool!


"Since we had a curfew, no one was allowed to go
outside and if we were out at a certain time, there
was a strong chance that we could get arrested.

This is so the police can catch people who are trying
 to loot other people's homes. I didn't hear of anything
like that in Gainesville."



"My meals consisted of my "eggel" in the morning, and for lunch and dinner a

bagel sandwich with veggies. The dorm administration said that if we were cooped up one more day,

they would start bringing in some food. By the time that the storm ended, I was very

motivated to have something different to eat! But as my dad says, "Boring

is good!"

Have you been following my
"DIET Diary" ??
I am looking a whole lot different
CLICK here to check it out!


My parents were in Seattle to visit my sister Kristin, and

they called a lot to check on me. Seattle was sunny and in the 70s!

Dad did a screen capture of me at a workout before Frances hit...

Webcams are everywhere these days!

Remembering those who lost their lives to terrorists on and since 9/11.

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