Back to School!
It's my SENIOR year academically ... but I have 1 remaining indoor season and 2 outdoors. I'd still like to fit in an internship abroad before I'm done.

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Volume 5,

Number 2


Good Luck to the Florida Gator Football team in their first game

with Middle Tennessee State, September 4, 2004!



Athens, Wow!

Congrats to Gator Swimmer Ryan Lochte for his

gold and silver medals!

YThanks to the k-mailers in Athens for sending emails

to update us on the happenings there. Although I can't

compete there with you, I'm there in spirit.

I wasn't exactly sitting on my hands, though,

as you can see in the picture...

Do I look like I am a P.R. major?

Talk to you Later! -- Karen :)


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Have you been following my "DIET Diary" ?? I am looking a whole lot different now!
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On my summer reading list....John D'Allessandro's "Career Warfare." 

Must reading before you tackle the world of business!

Oh yeah! I wasn't home long before I upped my bench again... I thought losing weight might impact my strength, but if anything, it seems to be helping.
Here is my favorite sushi place
in San Luis Obispo... called
If you come by... tell them
"Karen sent you!"


Oh Yes! I am on the cauliflower diet... and it works!

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Here are the stairs Scott and I run when I am home...
some of the locals have been fighting us for
the use of the stairs!
K-Mail subscribers are EVERYWHERE!!!

Kirby Lee Photo...thanks Kirby!

Well... I did enjoy the Olympic Trials!
6th Place in Prelims and 9th in Finals!
Word through the grapevine is that a few people were surprised by how I performed.... :)

Many thanks to USATF for the $1000 travel support (assuming I can keep it, which I probably can't...
still it was nice for them to offer)

The trials were a 'family affair' with both of my parents cheering me on and my father in his role once again as

The other girls at the trials made some positive comments on my choice of uniform! My red USA warm up, my InSport shorts, and my Under Armour top worked and looked great!

From my perspective, I thought Nike's team uniform was in need of some styling help... gray and orange are definitely not my colors.....

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