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The 2004 Olympic Trials!

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Volume 5,

Number 1

July 20,  2004

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9th in the Trials!
Going to the Trials has been my goal since high school! In spite of setbacks and injuries, I found myself competing with America's finest throwers in one of the oldest events in the Olympic Games... the shot put!

Even though the educated guessers at Track and Field News didn't expect me to do anything, I surprised a lot of people by finishing 6th in the Prelims and joined 11 other women in moving to the second day of competition!
My prelims mark (16.35m/53-7.75") was my best since early March.

On the second day I ended up in 9th! One of the differences between the Trials and most meets is that they only take 8 instead of the usual 9 on to the finals. I missed getting three more throws by 1 cm, but it was great to be there.

 For the Trials, I chose to represent my hometown friends in the San Luis Obispo Distance Club... a club for DISTANCE runners! I joke that it really is a club for throwers who want to throw for DISTANCE! It was a fun group!

There was a special viewing area for coaches
in front of the stands...
They had a special pass that you gave your
coach to get in here.

Here we are marching out to the track! I'm the one in the long sleeve red shirt.
So much of track is preparation
and practice.
Each athlete had her
own way of preparing physically and
mentally. I liked getting off by myself.
 Here's Dad in the coaches' box and
me on the field! You couldn't cross the track to talk to your coach, so Dad and I used our old high school hand signals.
Here's a view from the stands that were set
up at the end of the track. It was about
96 degrees during the Prelims!
Here we are being escorted onto the field,
trying to look calm!

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