Coach Lange & me
at Mt. Sac!
Mom & Dad and me
celebrating at UCLA
Akera and me at home in Texas!

My Senior Dedications!


When I was a senior in high school— we would always
have to dedicate something to the underclassmen from
us.  It’s not necessarily stuff—but something that
reminds them of the senior.  I thought of doing this
for some of my teammates and friends”.

I dedicate the following— 

To Kate— My endless supply of Smart water
and Dentene Ice gum for traveling trips. 

To Allie--  Being the thrower for the indoor
season and our trips to Starbucks (I’m going
 to miss those Mocha Light Frappochinos!)

To Eva---  “Coolio”, McDonalds, and all the
 heavy weightlifting workouts we would do! Also,
I dedicate the shot put ring of you
—I thought you would like to do the shot
next year! :)  You can be a shot putter too!

To Andrea— my GRE book for grad school!

To Julia— to be the official navigator on the
track trips (we always seem to get lost
once a while!)

To the male throwers of the track team
(Noah, Will, Adam, Kevin, Mike, Aaron, and Brian).
  I leave you all my steak supply (I’m really going to
 miss having steak every night!)
L  I wish you guys
all the best for next year and I know you all will
throw great!  :) 
Fight on!

To the women’s team—happy memories, indoor meet
trips to Pullman, and the best of
luck in school and
next year!

-- Karen:)

Kate and me @ a home
Pac 10 Champ Eva
and me!
John Dye and a high
school Karen!
Former high school shot
put record holder Sammy
 Walker at his BBQ place!

Yep—I am done!
(No—I am not crossing any fingers either!)


Well—this was my last track meet of my career. 
Yep—I am done-- I know that I had said that the
Olympic trials was going to be my last one—but I
always felt that there was something missing about
 it.  It wasn’t the way that I wanted to end my

I wanted to end on a happy and high note.

I have told many people this year that this was
the happiest that I have ever been in track.  There
 is a line in the movie “The Replacements” in which
Gene Hackman says to the players “you are
living every athletes’ dream—you have a second
I truly believe that—this year has been
absolutely amazing—like a wonderful dream.  I
couldn’t have done it without the dedication of
the USC coaches.  Coach Allice, Coach Lange,
Coach T, Coach White, Coach Johnson, Coach
Pullins, and Coach Walsh—thank you for always
being there and always supporting me.  My
teammates and fellow throwers have been amazing
 to me this year as well—it was a pleasure to be
on the team with you all. 

Also, I would like to thank you all for your
continued support and kind words throughout the
years.  Thank you for letting me be part of your lives.

What is next for me?  This is just a chapter in my life
 and now I am on to the next one. :)  I have another
year of graduate school left at USC and then I am
going to start applying for Ph.D programs as well. 
I plan on going on the
“Karen Diet Plan” to lose
weight and start my running program again. :)
 --- and maybe, 'SC might want me to help out
next year! We’ll see!

Have a great day! :)

--Karen :)


Laura, me and former
Stephanie Brown

Photographer Kirby Lee
&  Tom Borish of!

Me and High School teammate
 Sean Shields!
My hero Connie Price Smith
and me!
Fellow Californian Kristin Heaston and me
Lai Lai & me!
Teammates forever!
MY team!
2006 NCAA Runner-Ups!
2006 NCAA West Regional Champs!
Bronze -- 2006 Pac 10 Team Championship

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