Improving Your Glide!

One of the things -- a very important thing -- that I learned this year at
 USC was watching the 'spinners' on our Trojan team and wondering,
 "what is it that they do that could help me improve my throwing as a glider?"

Every style or technique has some advantages and disadvantages. We
noticed that the spinner has two distinct advantages over the glider. First,
the spinner is able to finish their throw and release farther over the toe
board; and secondly, even a spinner with poor technique seldom 'stops
 in the middle of their throw. If a glider successfully addresses these
two aspects, then good things happen.

RED zone)
Some gliders hardly turn their
feet at all, thereby spending
more time in the center of
the ring and losing momentum.

And you wonder why some
gliders can't throw much farther
 than their standing throws?

Above: Notice that the left foot is turned toward the throwing field. The right leg is  turned perpendicular to the diameter of the ring --and in this way, you maintain the momentum .

The right shoulder drops and the left arm is striking.

The proper foot position will allow the throw to move through quickly and effortlessly and minimize losing momentum that can happen when the feet are not turned or in a line as I have designated as the 'hobo' style.

Lastly, we can continue the flow of the throw best by allowing our upper body to continue to rotate through the throw.

 It is important to remember that 'blocking' with the left leg stops the hips, limits the reach over the toe board and and restricts the upper body from rotating

Link to my 57-07 @UCLA (frame by frame analysis)
Do the "Scissors!"

I have nicknamed the movement of my legs into the throwing position
as though you are opening your legs in a 'scissors'. This has helped
me visualize not only the throwing position, but also it lets me check
for proper position.

HINT: If you draw a chalk line from the back to the front of the ring
through the center, you can check to see where your legs land.

Good Luck! You can throw far if you glide, I threw over 7 feet farther
than my stand in one meet! (+13%)

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