Here is my sister Karla's drawing of the
 women's team celebrating. Can you guess
 who is who?

Men will always be mad,
and those who think they can cure them
are the maddest of all.

-- Voltaire

Dark clouds only mean one thing
--- LOTS of RAIN!

 The one thing that I had learned when
 I was at Florida was when the skies
 turned really dark and almost black
—you better find some shelter and
fast because there was going to be
some serious rain coming down! 

That is what happened for a couple
 of days during the USA Nationals.  
We got to the track on Thursday to
 practice and check out the rings and
the skies were dark—so we headed
 to the swimming stadium.  A few
 minutes later and a few booms later
—it looked like we were in the middle
 of a hurricane.  Everyone from USC
was like—we have never seen rain like this! 

I had to explain—well, welcome to
 summer time in the Midwest!


 Storm Clouds!


 My latest Training secret!
"Smart water"!
Eating places for athletes and fans!





  Kate throwing in the discus!

Ginnie WINS the 100 Hurdles!
 Congratulations Ginnie!
Good Luck in your professional career!

100 m Hurdles
  1 Virginia Powell    Nike  12.63  -0.4
  2 Damu Cherry                  Nike  12.64  -0.4
  3 Michelle Perry               Nike  12.67  -0.4
  4 Jenny Adams                  adidas12.75  -0.4
  5 LoLo Jones                   Nike  12.76  -0.4
  6 Anjanette Kirkland           Nike  12.87  -0.4
  7 Dawn Harper                  UCLA  13.02  -0.4
  8 Ebony Foster                 N.CarS13.12  -0.4
The Shopping Expo

What about those bugs?


One thing that I have not missed from Florida were the bugs.  Sure,
we have plenty of bugs in California, but not any that are the size of a
planet.  We had “love bugs” in Florida, and it seems like Indiana has
HUGE moths. 

Kate and I had to practice after the meet on Friday and all around us
were these moths.  I told Kate while we were warming up—make sure
that your mouth is closed when you are running because you never
 know what may fly in!  One of the things that I learned the hard way
at Florida! 

I guess it is a source of protein…. Yuck!



Denial ain't just a river in Egypt

--Mark Twain

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