an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile
 -- hoping that it will eat him last.

--Winston Churchill


It seems like I was in
track --- forever! Then it
was abruptly over. With 18
 months off, Collegiate Track
seemed like  a memory.

Then, here I was in grad school at 'SC --
 then like an old athlete I
found myself
'walking on' to make my

 I felt like one of the 'replacements' singing
I will survive!


---" you thought I was dead, oh no, not I !"

What a Great Year!



OOOOps! Better 'hunker safely'
away from the lightning!
A nice place for a dip! This is the home pool for many of our Olympic swimmers. We hung out here waiting for the rain to stop.


Here is our warm-up area, not
as nice as Sacramento, but it
Another picture of the stadium
without the ever present rain!

Delays and more delays!


I got to compete on Sunday for the shot which was scheduled to be at
3:15 p.m.  Coach Lange and I got to the track to check in just around
1 p.m., and then we were told that we had to evacuate the track and head
for shelter because more rain and thunder was coming. 

I was like—okay!  I can handle this, for me—being a glider was a good thing
and also
I am a good bad weather thrower.  So we head to the swimming
stadium and watched a youth swim meet take place. 

Three hours later—we got to go back to the track and check in again. 
 Lots of mud and tons of wet athletes and officials.  The officials were
 great—they provided all the athletes with some snacks and towels for us
to have for our shots and feet to make sure that everything was dry—thanks!  

We finally got to compete at 6:30 p.m. and even though it wasn’t my best
performance, I was happy about being in the top 10 and it was the
farthest distance that I have had at one of these USATF meets.

-- Karen:)


it is with our passions, as it is with fire and water,
they are good servants but bad masters.

-- Aesop

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