facts do not cease to exist
because they are ignored.

-- Aldous Huxley


6 AM Practices???!!

When I looked at the practice schedule
for the throwing events online—I thought
 that it was a misprint that the
only practice
 times in the morning for the throws were
 starting at 6 a.m!!!  :(

I am not sure whose idea it was to have
the throwing practices from 6-8 am
before the meet.  I was like—that is
 3 am our time??!! Since I have been
 in grad school and having to take all
night classes—the earliest that I have
 been awake at would be MAYBE 7:30
on a good day—usually I am up at
8:30 or so. 

So Kate and I agreed—we would rather
 throw at 11 pm or later than to wake
 up in the middle of the night.  Coach
Lange agreed as well! J  Except for
 one day while we were in Indiana
—we would be up around 11 or so. :)
 Even then—we had to get some serious
 coffee in the morning (or afternoon
at times). :)

--Karen :)

I couldn't figure out
why my hand was
hurting until a fan blew
up a Kirby Lee
 photograph of me
at the NCAA's -- It
 looks like I had the
full weight of the shot
 on one finger!

Not the way to
 release a shot!

Me and my athlete's Pass! A view of the stadium ---
 when it wasn't raining!

This was my last competition in the shot. To be honest,
I thought I was done back in 2004 at Florida and my 9th place
 in the Olympic Trials was really my 'Swan Song." I began to
 lose about 60 lbs and started to run distance when
something happened to change my life. As I was soon
to find out, no one really knows what is waiting around
the corner for them!

I arrived at Southern California to attend Annenberg's
great School in communication -- and then 'walked on' to
one of the happiest experiences of my life --
USC's track & field team!

Winning my event at the UCLA dual meet, Runner-up in the
 Pac 10, Runner-Up in the Western Regionals, my
4th All-american honor in the NCAA -- but this time as
a Trojan, setting the Trojan Women's record in the shot
and a top 10 finish in Senior Nationals is a nice way to
end my collegiate career!

Thank you Coach Allice and Coach Lange and Coach T. for
 giving me the chance to compete!



 Women's  Shot

  1 Jillian Camarena                 unattached              18.92m   62-01.00      
      FOUL  18.69m  FOUL  18.92m  FOUL  18.57m                                  
  2 Laura Gerraughty             North Carolina          18.24m   59-10.25      
      17.34m  18.24m  17.74m  FOUL  FOUL  18.10m                                
  3 Elizabeth Wanless            New York A C            18.11m   59-05.00      
      18.11m  17.73m  17.66m  16.25m  17.38m  17.90m                            
  4 Kristin Heaston                          Nike                    18.06m   59-03.00      
      17.69m  17.41m  18.06m  FOUL  FOUL  17.45m                                
  5 Michelle Carter                         Texas                   17.45m   57-03.00      
      17.04m  FOUL  17.45m  17.24m  FOUL  17.29m                                
  6 Adriane Blewitt                    unattached              17.31m   56-09.50      
      14.53m  16.66m  17.31m  17.25m  17.05m  FOUL                              
  7 Rebecca Breisch                  unattached              17.23m   56-06.50      
      FOUL  16.76m  16.73m  17.23m  FOUL  FOUL                                  
  8 Janae Strickland                  unattached              16.59m   54-05.25      
      15.30m  FOUL  16.59m  FOUL  15.98m  15.69m                                
  9 Jennifer Gilson                   Western Illinois        16.48m   54-01.00      
      15.45m  16.48m  16.46m                                                    
 10 Karen Freberg                U S C          16.46m   54-00.00      
      16.05m  16.46m  FOUL                                                      

 11 Sarah Stevens                Arizona State           16.45m   53-11.75      
      16.23m  FOUL  16.45m                                                      
 12 Abigail Ruston                 unattached              16.32m   53-06.50      
      16.00m  16.32m  15.44m                                                    
 13 Melinda Lincoln              unattached              15.98m   52-05.25      
      FOUL  15.06m  15.98m                                                      
 14 Rachel Jansen                Northern Iowa          15.84m   51-11.75      
      14.96m  15.42m  15.84m                                                    
 15 Beverly Burnett              unattached              15.66m   51-04.50      
      14.53m  15.66m  14.67m                                                    
 16 Ashley Muffet                    Kentucky               15.64m   51-03.75      
      FOUL  15.58m  15.64m                                                      
 17 Gail Lee                            Memphis                 15.53m   50-11.50      
      FOUL  15.04m  15.53m                                                      
 18 Aubrey Martin                Western Illinois       15.47m   50-09.25      
      15.47m  14.93m  14.99m                                                    
 19 Jessica Pressley             Arizona State          15.09m   49-06.25      
      15.09m  14.71m  14.90m                                                    
 20 Elizabeth Podominick         unattached         14.71m   48-03.25      
      14.15m  14.71m  14.56m                                                    
 -- Robyn Jarocki                unattached                FOUL                 


Good Luck to Jill Camarena!

Although I won't be joining you, you are one of America's best hopes in the shot.  

Your 65' foul at Nationals, clearly demonstrates that you can rewrite the American record!

Good Luck!


Men's Hammer
1 A.G. Kruger                          Ashland Elite           75.81m     248-09
      73.45m  75.81m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  75.16m
  2 James Parker                        unattached              72.33m     237-04
      71.49m  72.33m  FOUL  71.67m  70.74m  FOUL
  3 Thomas Freeman               New York A C            71.87m     235-09
      69.37m  69.50m  70.72m  67.77m  69.65m  71.87m
  4 Kibwe Johnson                    unattached             J71.87m     235-09
      68.82m  FOUL  FOUL  66.48m  FOUL  71.87m
  5 Travis Nutter                          Pacific Bay             71.08m     233-02
      68.03m  70.01m  70.34m  70.68m  FOUL  71.08m
  6 Michael Mai                            U.S. Army               71.01m     233-00
      70.13m  69.63m  FOUL  68.98m  65.12m  71.01m
  7 Cory Martin                         unattached              69.97m     229-07
      68.09m  68.59m  68.28m  68.99m  69.97m  FOUL
  8 Lucais MacKay                      Shore A C               68.61m     225-01
      FOUL  66.25m  68.61m  FOUL  68.57m  67.77m
  9 Nicholas Welihozkiy            Pacific Bay             67.87m     222-08
      66.14m  FOUL  67.87m
 10 James Heizman                Shore A C               67.17m     220-04
      67.17m  66.45m  65.58m
 11 Jacob Dunkleberger      Throw 1 Deep            66.65m     218-08
      66.34m  FOUL  66.65m
 12 Dameion Smith           Indiana Invaders        66.15m     217-00
      64.50m  66.15m  63.76m
 13 Nick Owens                     North Carolina          65.64m     215-04
      65.64m  FOUL  FOUL
 14 Brian Richotte                     Radford                 65.42m     214-07
      FOUL  63.51m  65.42m
 15 Adam Midles              U S C           64.57m     211-10
      63.42m  64.57m  63.27m

 16 Arnaldo Cueto                unattached              64.48m     211-06
      62.75m  63.52m  64.48m
 17 John Newell                      Shore A C               64.35m     211-01
      64.35m  FOUL  FOUL
 18 Paul Markel                    unattached              63.57m     208-07
      63.57m  FOUL  59.89m
 19 Luke Woydziak                 Pacific Bay             63.26m     207-06
      61.65m  FOUL  63.26m
 20 Garland Porter           Indiana Invaders        63.12m     207-01
      FOUL  63.12m  FOUL
 21 Wil Fleming                        Indiana                 61.74m     202-07
      61.74m  FOUL  FOUL
 22 Jason Morris                    unattached              60.55m     198-08
      60.55m  FOUL  FOUL
 23 Michael Pockoski             unattached              58.93m     193-04
      58.93m  FOUL  FOUL
 24 Adam Hamilton                    Iowa                    58.84m     193-00
      58.84m  58.34m  FOUL

 Men's  Shot

 1 Adam Nelson                    unattached              22.04m   72-03.75
      21.46m  20.98m  FOUL  21.86m  22.04m  21.37m
  2 Reese Hoffa                     New York A C            21.96m   72-00.75
      20.31m  21.05m  21.32m  21.32m  21.45m  21.96m
  3 Christian Cantwell                  Nike                    21.89m   71-10.00
      19.91m  20.56m  21.89m  21.42m  FOUL  FOUL
  4 Brian Robison                        Texas                   20.83m   68-04.25
      FOUL  FOUL  20.69m  20.83m  FOUL  FOUL
  5 Jeffrey Chakouian            unattached              20.68m   67-10.25
      19.30m  18.95m  19.84m  20.66m  20.68m  19.98m
  6 Dan Taylor                               Nike                    20.49m   67-02.75
      17.23m  20.32m  20.40m  FOUL  20.42m  20.49m
  7 Garrett Johnson              unattached              20.35m   66-09.25
      FOUL  FOUL  20.35m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  8 Jamie Beyer                  unattached              20.11m   65-11.75
      19.81m  20.11m  FOUL  19.91m  FOUL  FOUL
  9 Jarred Rome                         Nike                    19.65m   64-05.75
      FOUL  19.65m  19.56m
 10 Russ Winger                       Idaho                   19.34m   63-05.50
      19.09m  18.02m  19.34m
 11 Vincent Mosca             unattached              19.33m   63-05.00
      18.31m  18.72m  19.33m
 12 Sean Shields                    Arizona                 19.16m   62-10.50
      FOUL  FOUL  19.16m
 13 Jonathan Kalnas         unattached              19.14m   62-09.50
      18.07m  FOUL  19.14m
 14 David Nichols            Sacramento St.          19.12m   62-08.75
      FOUL  19.12m  FOUL
 15 Steve Manz                   unattached              19.11m   62-08.50
      FOUL  19.11m  FOUL
 16 Jesse Roberge                unattached              19.00m   62-04.00
      18.22m  18.43m  19.00m
 17 Rhuben Williams              Shore A C               18.85m   61-10.25
      18.85m  FOUL  18.55m
 18 Ryan Whiting                 Arizona State           18.79m   61-07.75
      18.79m  18.68m  FOUL
 19 Noah Bryant         U S C              18.74m   61-05.75
      17.99m  18.74m  FOUL

 20 Karl Erickson                Minnesota               18.49m   60-08.00
      17.35m  18.23m  18.49m
 21 Chris Figures              unattached              18.09m   59-04.25
      18.09m  FOUL  FOUL
 22 Andy Fryman                 Kentucky                17.78m   58-04.00
      FOUL  17.78m  FOUL
 -- Bryan Vickers                Ashland                   FOUL
 -- Sheldon Battle               Kansas                    FOUL




Congratulations Jessica!

Jessica & I competed in the shot put since early in high school and it has always
been fun.
 Although Jessica Cosby is a "Bruin," I
wanted to congratulate her for winning
the women's hammer at this year's
 championship meet.

Jessica best exemplifies to me a great
athlete who also represents the best
our country has to offer the world in
our people!

Jessica Cosby
 Women's Discus

1 Aretha Thurmond                  Nike                    62.50m     205-01
      58.76m  FOUL  62.50m  FOUL  FOUL  58.75m
  2 Suzy Powell                             Asics                   58.68m     192-06
      58.68m  57.38m  58.62m  58.04m  57.21m  FOUL
  3 Rebecca Breisch              unattached              57.97m     190-02
      53.23m  FOUL  57.12m  57.97m  57.17m  56.30m
  4 Stephanie Brown              unattached              55.71m     182-09
      55.71m  49.83m  55.49m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  5 Cecilia Barnes                  unattached              55.57m     182-04
      55.45m  FOUL  55.57m  54.72m  54.36m  53.96m
  6 Beth Mallory                    unattached              55.20m     181-01
      53.75m  52.64m  55.20m  54.96m  FOUL  50.24m
  7 Melinda Lincoln              unattached              53.76m     176-04
      51.86m  49.54m  53.41m  53.76m  51.30m  47.61m
  8 Rachel Jansen             Northern Iowa           52.96m     173-09
      52.96m  FOUL  FOUL  52.07m  FOUL  FOUL
  9 Rachel Longfors                 Florida                 52.60m     172-07
      52.60m  FOUL  FOUL
 10 Melissa Bickett             unattached              52.59m     172-06
      52.59m  52.23m  50.08m
 11 Precious Akins             South Carolina          51.18m     167-11
      50.56m  50.64m  51.18m
 12 Krystal Robinson          unattached              51.17m     167-10
      50.55m  50.17m  51.17m
 13 Gia Lewis                        unattached              49.95m     163-10
      49.95m  FOUL  FOUL
 14 Jessica Pressley             Arizona State           49.70m     163-01
      46.22m  49.70m  FOUL
 15 Ronda Gullatte                     Auburn                  48.51m     159-02
      48.51m  44.69m  48.25m
 16 Adriane Blewitt              unattached              48.18m     158-01
      48.18m  46.87m  FOUL
 17 Rachel Varner                      Arizona                 47.31m     155-02
      47.31m  FOUL  FOUL
 18 Katherine Hutchinson    U S C          43.27m     141-11
      40.41m  FOUL  43.27m

 -- Jennifer Onyeagbako          unattached                FOUL
Coach Lange and the team looking
for drier pastures! When I saw
clouds like this in Texas or Florida,
 I knew that if I didn't find a place
 to hide that everything I owned
was about to get wet!
One of the options
in our food court!

No Beef ? YIKES!

man can not do nothing unless he has
first understood that he must count on
no one but himself

Jean-Paul Sarte

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