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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006 !!  
 USATF  Championships!
 Indianapolis, Indiana

  Senior Nationals!!!!
my 'top 10' finish!

--- and you thought I was done?
USC Wrap-Up Article


You can only be young once,
but you can always be immature.

 -- Dave Barry

I have to
 tease the
little bit --
for about
7 years or
so I have been using the phrase "See it,
 Believe it, Deal with it" -- so you can
see why I was a little amused with
the motto they adopted a while back!


Nice motto guys! I think I remember
 seeing one like it before :)

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable
 but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. 

-- George Bernard Shaw

Jordan Hasay comes from my home county, and she did a wonderful job in the USATF "Jrs." competition by winning the 3000m race!

What makes this all the more astonishing is that she has only now finished her freshman year in high school! The Jrs. are for those under 20 years of age.

For a county as small as San Luis Obispo, we have a lot of athletes represented in national meets!

Good Luck, Jordan!



Goooo Trojans!

I am
very proud
 of my
 teammates' performances this year at Senior Nationals!

This was a challenging meet because
of the weather, but then it was
 challenging for everyone.

The good news is the Duane (7th),
Lionel (11th), Adam (15th), Kate (18th),
Noah (19th), Candice (11th) ,
Raphael (11th), Kai and Jessica
 will be back
next year to

I hope that Nationals is like the
Olympic Trials, and that a
top 10 finish earns some support for
travel. I would like to think that I
was already
'giving something back' to 'SC!

2006 Trojans @ Nationals!

1st -- Virginia Powell --  100m Hurdles
7th -- Duane Solomon --                800m
7th -- Jesse Williams -Men's high jump
10th -- Karen Freberg --Women's Shot
11th -- Lionel Larry                   -- 400m
11th-- Candice Davis     -- 100 Hurdles
 11th -- Raphael Asafo-Agyei         - 800
15th -- Adam Midles -- Men's hammer
18th -- Katherine Hutchinson -- Discus
19th -- Noah Bryant --         Men's Shot

Garry Jones, Jessica Onyepunuka,
& Kai Kelly
also competed!


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It ain't enough to get the breaks.
You gotta know how to use 'em.

-- Huey Long

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