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Monday, June 12th, 2006 !!  
 NCAA  Championships!
@  SAC State
in historic Sacramento, California

  NCAA Runner-Ups!!!!
it doesn't get much better than this!

Article 3 -- NCAA Runner- Ups

Article 2 -- Powell & Williams set records!
Article 1 -- Men's Relay was smokin'
Courage is resistance to fear,
mastery of fear not absence of fear

Mark Twain


   What a Meet!!!

WOW—this was a great meet to compete in!  This was my 7th NCAAs in my college career—amazing how time flies by when you are having fun!  Our team finished 2nd with 38.5 pts and the men’s team finished in the top 10 in the nation with a 9th place finish overall.  We had a ton of All-Americans and a great time in the capital of California and the home of the “Governator”!

-- Karen :)

You can discover more about a person in 
an hour of play, than
in a year of conversation.

-- Plato

Take 1:  “Home Alone Airport Scene Starring the USC Track and Field Team!”


If you have seen the “Home Alone” airport sequence where everyone is running
 to their gate, that is basically what happened to our team on Sunday after the
 track meet. 

We had a late start because one of our track vans was locked and
 the keys could not be found. So—we finally get to Sacramento International
Airport and the Southwest Terminal—and the line for the gate extended OUT of
the airport and almost to the exit!!!  It was amazing—it seemed like everyone
 was flying out in the same plane at the same time.  With the strategic moves
of Jessica and Candice—everyone got their luggage checked and tickets to our flight
and we made it back to LA.  It was great to be back at USC!

-- Karen :)

Goooo Trojans!

Our sports
really did
a great job
 covering the NCAA Championships!

He managed to shoot this picture when
we all began to do our 'fight on'

We were also honored when we became
a featured story on the Official SC
website, which is not an easy thing
 to do!

Thanks to everyone!

Screen capture from official Sc Website!

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