We are not retreating,
we are advancing in another direction!

--General Douglas MacArthur

Women's Hammer Rocks!
The women's hammer throwing contest was probably one of the most exciting of the entire meet!

The lead changed back and forth until a very determined
Eva put it out of reach! Julia did everything she could
this day but it wasn't quite enough for her satisfaction. She is also a great competitor.

For those who asked: My Hammer Video @ 181'


 Eva is a whirlwind!

NEW School Record & Meet Record!

 My second best throw ever.

Thanks for everything , Coach Lange!
Women's Hammer Finals!

    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Eva Orban                    USC                     67.53m    10 
      63.72m  67.35m  66.44m  FOUL  67.53m  FOUL

  2 Sarah Hopping                Stanford                66.96m     8 
      62.31m  66.96m  64.97m  65.72m  FOUL  66.18m
  3 Sarah Stevens                Arizona State           65.69m     6 
      FOUL  53.75m  62.29m  60.55m  59.12m  65.69m
  4 Britney Henry                Oregon                  64.09m     5 
      60.52m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  61.38m  64.09m
  5 Carrie Johnson               California              63.47m     4 
      62.55m  61.88m  63.47m  58.04m  FOUL  FOUL
  6 Brittany Hinchcliffe         Oregon                  62.82m     3 
      60.20m  FOUL  57.64m  FOUL  62.82m  58.23m
  7 Julia Rozenfeld              USC                     59.56m     2 
      58.95m  59.56m  59.34m  58.52m  58.10m  58.87m

  8 Jessica Pressley             Arizona State           59.55m     1 
      56.45m  55.81m  FOUL  56.02m  59.55m  57.26m
  9 McKenzie Burgess Garberg     Wash  State             58.09m 
      FOUL  FOUL  58.09m  55.04m  FOUL  FOUL
 10 Karen Freberg                USC                     55.31m 
      55.31m  FOUL  52.09m          

 11 Katie Elsbury                Stanford                54.72m 
      54.72m  FOUL  54.62m          
 12 Alexandra Hunnings           California              52.90m 
      FOUL  51.64m  52.90m          
 13 Sara Shisslak                Arizona State           51.44m 
      46.89m  49.80m  51.44m          
 14 Megan Maloney                Oregon                  50.58m 
      50.58m  FOUL  FOUL          
 15 Alexandrea Williams          USC                     48.34m 
      33.26m  48.34m  47.64m          


 The New PAC 10 Champion!
Eva takes the stand for her medal!
 Ali showed a lot of heart in spite of a little nervousness.

Work is good for you!

-- Karla  


   Here Ali and I are preparing to warm up!
   The hammer fans are dedicated--It was really hot out there!

The introductions of the first flight!
I was just happy to be there!
The real action happened in the second flight with our top guns bringing 12 points to the team!

Marked in the photo by red dots,
Eva is on the left and
Julia (pronounced 'yoo-la')
is on the right!


Family Reunion


Not only was it great to compete in a great place like Eugene where track is
the premiere sport to be in—it was an opportunity to see some of my relatives. 
I got to see my great-aunt Helen and my second cousin Jana (both on my dad’s side)
—they were able to see me compete in the shot and the hammer and
it was really neat! :)


    I not only use all the brains I have,
but all I can borrow.

--Woodrow Wilson

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