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Sunday, May 16th, 2006 !!  
 Pacific 10 Championships!
@ Track Central,
The Beautiful University of Oregon

 Our 'SC Men Won the
PAC 10!
and Our Women Were Bronze!
I was Runner-Up in the Women's Shot Put 
in my 3rd Conference 

Eva, Our Pac 10 Women's Hammer Champion & Me!
Complete Results Link 

Day 2 Story     Day 1 Story    PreMeet Story    Our Salutatorian Trackster!

Ryan Francis In Memoriam: Ryan Francis

The murder of one of our fellow Trojan athletes touched
many on the USC men's and women's track teams.

It is to his memory --Ryan Francis -- that we dedicated
all of our efforts at the Pac 10 Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

It is a small thing -- but we did it all for you!




Part of the fun of being on any track team
is the opportunity to travel and see parts
of our great country that maybe you
have only read about!

Here's a cell phone picture of Dad with a
few friends at a local restaurant in Eugene.


the five bears
 2006 Pac-10 Track and Field Championships - 5/13/06 to 5/14/06 
                  Presented by 76 Quality PROClean Gasolines
                     Hayward Field | University of Oregon  
  Women - Team Rankings - 21 Events Scored
    1) Arizona State               154       
2) Stanford                     151.50
    3) USC    112       
4) UCLA                               103  
    5) Oregon                           97       
6) California                    76.50
    7) Washington                  41       
8) Wash State                    40  
    9) Arizona                           37      
10) Oregon State                    4  
Men - Team Rankings - 21 Events Scored
    1) USC     140       
2) Oregon                      133.50
    3) Arizona                       122       
4) Washington                  99  
    5) UCLA                         97.50    
6) Arizona State              76  
    7) Stanford                      60       
8) California                    53  
    9) Wash State                  37     


If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of, 
then I warn you that you'll be unhappy for the rest of your life.

-- Abraham Maslow

Congratulations to the Trojans!


The men’s team were Pac 10 Champions and the women’s team got 3rd!  We
had a bunch of people win individual titles (Noah and Eva for the throws) and
runner-ups (me :), Kate, and Adam), and a 3rd place (Will).  Kevin PRed in
the hammer and Allie and Julia did really well.  It was a great meet for our
 sprinters and jumpers—what a way to start the post season!  Fight on! :) 

We could not have done this without the guidance and support from our
coaches.  Coach Allice and Coach Lange have been so supportive and
encouraging—thank you for being there for the athletes! :) 

Go Trojans!


Goooo Trojans!


Dad, Me and Mom at UCLA

My Experiences in Track

I was trying to remember all of the
 places I have traveled in track and the list is long.

While at USC, I have seen much of the western US and Texas. At SMU, we traveled in the middle of the Country. And at Florida, we competed in the east and midwest.

Besides the schools I have attended
in Los Angeles, Dallas and Gainesville,
 I've seen a lot of universities.
I've been to LSU and Penn State,
 Washington State and Clemson,
North Carolina and Oregon,
Tennessee and Nevada and
many, many other great places!

Track is a wonderful sport.


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-- Isaac Newton

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CLICK for MY Shot Throw at Eugene!
CLICK for My Hammer Throw at Eugene!

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