My father is an amazing man, the older I got, the smarter he got!

-- Mark Twain

“Senior Night” @ Galen Center with USC Track & Field Team


This past Wednesday, the entire men’s and women’s track and field team along with the coaches met for dinner at the Galen Center on campus for a team dinner and to have “Senior Night.”  The dinner was fabulous—we had roast beef, chicken, salmon, shrimp, and of course—cake! :)  We had the band come in and play “Conquest” for us and that was really exciting!


The seniors got to be honored by the coaches and the rest of the team.  Each senior got some flowers (cardinal and yellow of course) and a small Trojan head that had a small plaque that had your name and also “You are a Trojan Forever” inscribed on it.  I have never felt so honored and happy – it was a wonderful feeling.  All the seniors had to give speeches which were all really wonderful and they all made me nearly cry. :)


Even though I have been at USC and part of the team for a year—it has felt like I have been there for four years.  I have never felt such support from not only the coaches, but my teammates as well.  All of the USC Track coaches have been so supportive of me—thank you for helping me become not only a better athlete—but a better person as well. 

Fight on!


Our Lady Sprinters were the
real super stars of the meet!

I am honored to just share in
their spotlight!

 I was also mentioned on
our school's sports web site!

A view into "Ducky" Drake stadium.

After being track coach, "Ducky" Drake was fondly remembered by many UCLA athletes as the head trainer with a crusty spirit.
Women's Discus Finals!
 Event 11  Women Discus Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals            Points
  1 Warren, Kamaiya      UCLA                  51.21m     51.17m     167-10    5 
      49.43m  46.84m  48.57m  49.90m  49.69m  51.17m

  2 Hutchinson, Katie       USC                   56.11m     50.79m     166-08    3 
      45.47m  50.79m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL

  3 Reynolds, Briona       UCLA                  47.62m     48.23m     158-03    1 
      47.85m  47.96m  48.23m  47.76m  46.96m  47.18m
  4 Freberg, Karen                 USC                   46.00m     46.12m     151-04
      FOUL  46.12m  FOUL  45.51m  44.78m  45.41m

  5 Smith, Danielle                UCLA                  43.79m     42.52m     139-06
      39.00m  40.66m  40.65m  FOUL  42.07m  42.52m
  6 Orban, Eva                        USC                   44.50m     40.35m     132-04
      39.79m  38.99m  FOUL  40.35m  FOUL  FOUL


In case you don't know who this is, this is me with something they call a 'discus'. It's kind of like a very light shot put pancake.

You sort of turn in the ring and give it an odd type of throw.

The blonde Trojan on the left in this picture is Eva our star Hammer thrower. She won the women's hammer.


The journey is the reward

-- Taoist saying


  Here's Noah Bryant. Noah had a controversial call on his big throw landing about 65 or 66 feet away.

The question is whether or not his right heal glazed the top of the toe board?

Tough Call. I am glad I am not an official!

  "Eagle eye" Mr. Van Pelt is keeping an eye
on things.

I heard that Mr. Van Pelt got married a couple
of years ago and his wife isn't even
a thrower!

Karla's Corner

Here is my sister's special spot to place
her drawings. This week she is drawing
 Trojan Dad and Bruin Mom.

 click to enlarge

write injuries in dust, benefits in marble

-- Benjamin Franklin

Stay Tuned for Big PAC 10 Action in 2 weeks
up in Eugene, Oregon!

The University of Oregon is track central!

SPECIAL -- 4 meg video of my big shot throw!
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