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Sunday, April 30th, 2006 !!  
 USC vs. UCLA!

 The Big Meets are Here!
57-07.5 Shot Put 

Meet Wrap-Up

1st Day
Big Signers for USC!

   Lai Lai Crawford is universally loved by everyone on the USC track team. We competed in high school and college. She came to the big meet to cheer us all on!

Someday, someone will beat my school record, but Lai Lai and I will always have this in common: we were both USC school record holders! She was the first Trojan over 56 feet and I was the first over 57.

 Friends Forever!

while we are postponing, life speeds by

-- Seneca 

Goooo Trojans!

Drake Stadium is at UCLA and has many memories for my parents.

I now have formed a memory here. It is a memory of fighting hard, struggling for incredible victories and suffering a few defeats.

However, the big meets are now ahead of us and we displayed the incredible potential that exists with our track team by winning so many events!

The best is yet to come!

"Ducky Drake"

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Press Conference @ UCLA

A couple of things that I realized very quickly once I came on to the UCLA campus. 
we were all wearing USC gear and everyone was looking at us, and second—
everywhere you went you saw blue.  Jesse Williams accidentally wore a blue shirt
and immediately had to change because he didn’t “want to wear the wrong colors”
 to the press conference.  Among the athletes who participated in the press
conference were Noah, Kate, Adam, Virginia, Candice, Carol, Garry, Phillip,
Roy, Jesse, and myself. 

The press conference was pretty interesting.  It was fun to see some familiar faces. 
 I ran into Tony Veney—the sprints coach at UCLA.  Tony was at Oregon
when I was going on my recruiting trip to Oregon back in high school and was a
former teammate of my dad’s at UCLA.  UCLA provided everyone with sandwiches,
drinks, and cookies for lunch—it was really good!  Thanks!

It is the only time that you have Trojans and Bruins together in the same room. 
I felt that the athletes representing each school did a professional job in their
statements and in answering the media’s questions.  Garry, Virginia, and I also
got a chance to get interviewed on Primetime and Fox Sports after the press
 conference—and that was a lot of fun as well. :)  It was fun to see the school that
 both my parents went to as undergrads. 


Never let the fear of striking out get into your way.

-- 'Babe' Ruth

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