History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

-- Winston Churchill

The women's and men's shot put held a lot of drama!

My warm ups were pretty good and my standing
throws are still only around 50 at best, but my fulls
were sailing over 55 so I felt ready!

I got off a 'hobo' first throw to ensure that I would stay around for all 6 throws and
then the action began! Kamaiya let off a throw within 1 cm of my best throw of the
 day and the UCLA fans and those circling the ring go CRAZY!  In fact, one person -
who should have known better -told Kamaiya loud enough for me to hear 'you really
stuck it to her!' GRrrrrrrrrrrr!

I was next, the rest is history! 5 throws over 17m & 3 over 57'

(VIDEO of this throw)


The scoreboard says it all!

Dad and I are clowning around after
my big throw!
Women's Shot Put Finals!
 Event 5  Women Shot Put
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals            Points
  1 Freberg, Karen               USC                   17.21m     17.56m   57-07.50    5 
      16.37m  17.05m  17.56m  17.30m  17.38m  17.43m

(53-8.5) (55-11.25) (57-7.5) (56-9.25) (57-0.25) (57-2.25)

  2 Warren, Kamaiya              UCLA                  16.84m     17.04m   55-11.00    3 
      16.39m  17.04m  15.69m  16.13m  FOUL  FOUL
  3 Reynolds, Briona             UCLA                  15.48m     14.51m   47-07.25    1 
      13.86m  14.41m  14.00m  13.79m  14.51m  FOUL
  4 Werth, Hillary               UCLA                  12.40m     11.96m   39-03.00
      11.43m  11.54m  11.96m  11.09m  10.80m  11.38m


Hey, there's my parents! (I am thinking).
They arrived a full 4 hours before the
 meet started!
We've got an hour or so to go and the
fans are starting to pour in!

Look closely and you can see UCLA's spirit band showed up to do some playing before, during and after the meet!

Barking dogs may occasionally bite, but laughing men hardly ever shoot.

-- Konrad Lorenz


  Here's mom in what I call her
'Battle gear'!
  Dad tells me that this was the old 'practice ring' before they dug up the inside field for their 'soccer' team.  I think it brought me a lot of luck this day.


---"THE" Meet


When I was told about the dual meet and what it was going to be like—
I was pretty excited.  There is nothing like it—everyone cheering for you as
loud as they can—and tons and tons of people wearing either cardinal/gold or
blue/yellow.  Being able to throw in the same rings that my dad did when he
was at UCLA was really cool.
  USC did a great job at the meet with a ton
of personal bests and great times and marks—it’s going to be really exciting
 to see what happens at Pac-10s!  It was an amazing experience and I
will remember it always. :)


By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection,
which is nobelist; Second, by intimidation, which is easiest;
and third by experience, which is bitterest.

-- Confucius


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