learning by experience is often painful
--- and the more you hurt, the more you learn.

 -- Ralph Banks



Improving one day at a time!
Freberg sets USC womens shot put record at Mt. SAC Relays

Familiar Faces

 It was great to see some familiar faces at the Mt. Sac Relays.  I got to compete against Jill Camarena and Jessica Cosby.  Jill went to Stanford while Jessica went to UCLA and are now competing as professionals.  It felt like a California high school reunion! J  Congrats ladies for a good competition!

 I also got to see some San Luis Obispo athletes as well at Mt. Sac.  I introduced myself and said that I had the shot put record at SLOHS.  One girl said, “Well—I think that you don’t need to worry about anyone getting that record!” They went on to get second in the sprint medley and beat Long Beach Wilson. 

Good job! 



Mt. Sac Meet by Kirby Lee on

Here is a picture of USC's Will
Dembo throwing the shot.

   first the doctor told me the good news --
I was going to have a disease named after me.

--Steve Martin

I just missed catching Carol, but she
 turned away to fast. Carol had a busy
day and I just love those socks!


One of the FUN things about the
Mt. San Antonio College Relays is
all the fun booths! Most of the booths
 will sell you something very reasonably,
 whether it is food or shoes or
other training equipment!

The girls in the gold and black are from
San Luis Obispo high, my high school.
They had just finished an incredible
relay finishing 2nd, but ahead
of Long Beach Wilson High!!!

You go girls!

Trojans never give up --- never surrender!

It is our way!


  there is no sincerer love
 -- than the love of food!

-- George Bernard Shaw

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Dad's birthday
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