when choosing between two evils,
I always like to try the one I have never tried before.

 -- Mae West

Improving one day at a time!

56-05.75 (CLICK HERE)

The shot competition:

 Originally, there was supposed to be 10 in the elite women’s shot put competition, but there were only 5 of us actually there.   I was told that you had to be “invited” to compete at Mt. Sac. It’s been five years since I competed the last time at Mt. Sac back in HS. 

 I was confused when I first got to the shot put ring because I was like—where is everyone?  With Jill and Jessica competing—it was a great environment and it really motivated me to do the best that I could do—and it was really special to get a PR in the shot.  Jill was nice and would help me retrieve my shot—thanks Jill!


Here I am checking in.

There weather had been so nasty,
but the sun broke through and
we had a great competition!

Mt SAC is a world class facility
and a great place to compete in!

I threw here four times in high school!

Both my dad and I are in the record books!

Women's Shot Put Finals!
Top Finalists 
  1 Jillian Camarena   Unattached   18.58m   60-11.50
2 Liz Wanless                    NYAC  17.56m   57-07.50
 3 Karen Freberg    USC    17.21m   56-05.75  
      4 Jessica Cosby                      Nike    17.04m   55-11.00


Here I am with Coach Lange on my way to get my shot weighed and checked in!

Coach looks pretty happy here --- did
he know something about my
performance that I didn't know?

Although the weather was a bit variable
it was a great day of outstanding competitions!

   Always do right,
this will gratify some and astonish the rest.

-- Mark Twain


 Here are two unsung heroes of track and field -- our wonderful officials!
 I don't really remember much of what
we were talking about here -- but I am
 sure it involved world affairs! :)


USATF Official Roger Van Pelt is one
of the many great officials that I have
had the pleasure to meet over the years.

Mr. Van Pelt is giving me a look as though
he is trying to say,"hey, don't give me
any tears -- when I say it was a foul,
then it is a foul!"

I think he is tough only on the outside!

  men trust their eyes less than their ears.

 -- Herodotus

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