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Monday, April 17, 2006 !!  
 Mt. SAC Relays!
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USC school record in the shot! 56-05.75

Story of My Record! 

Mt Sac Relays -- Day 1    Mt. Sac Relays -- Preview



          MY all-Time TOP 5 THROWS !

    56-5.75 -- Mt. Sac Relays -- 4-16-06

     55-09.75 -- SEC Championship -- 5-15-03

     55-06.25 --
Florida State Twilight invitational 5-10-03

     55-05.50 --
NCAA Indoor Championships -- 3-12-04

  55-05.00 -- TEXAS Relays -- 04-08-06

     55-05.00 -- Hoosier Invitational  -- 2-13-04

Mt. Sac Relays List of Champions!
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My thoughts on my new school record

After three long years I have finally
improved on my personal best and it
took throwing a school record to do it!
Although it was only an 8 inch improvement,
 Coach and I had to make some changes
in some of my bad habits. The good news
 is that it's not perfect, yet.

The real improvement has been in my glide.
 I threw more than 7 feet farther with the
glide than from a stand. Early in my high
school adventures, I often threw less from
 sliding across the ring than from a stand!

I am working hard on rebuilding my
 strength and with the better technique
I believe I will have a few surprises left!

As for the meet, it was virtually an
All-California meet with Jill Camarena,
 Jessica Cosby and me throwing again
just like high school. Jill threw spectacularly
 and seems to have made wonderful
 improvements this year working out
at BYU.


    the secret to creativity is
knowing how to hide your sources

-- Albert Einstein


“The Berger”

There are some nicknames that I have heard
throwers get over the years.  I don’t have one myself, but I found out
yesterday that my dad had one when he was a thrower at UCLA.  We ran
into John Smith of HSI (world record holder at UCLA in the 400 meters) and
when he saw my dad—he was like, “The Berger!”  I was like—what did John
Smith call my dad?  Then my dad explained that was one of his nicknames at
I thought that was pretty cool!


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Special Thanks !


I would like to thank these special people for really making it fun to be in
track and to be a Trojan. 
Thank you for all of your support yesterday!

USC Track Coaches: Coach Lange, Coach Allice, Coach Fernandez, Coach Pullins

Family: Mom, Dad, Kristin and Karla

Teammates / Family of Teammates

USC Throwers (Kate, Allie, Julia, Eva, Noah, Will, Kevin, Adam, and Dennis)

USC Teammates (Virginia, Candice, Jessica and Carol)

Mr. and Mrs. Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson

Officials: Roger Van Pelt, Shot Put Officials, Bob Seaman

I don't want any yes-man around me.
I want everybody to tell me the truth
even if it costs them their jobs!

-- Samuel Goldwin

Page 2 -- Results of the Women's Shot Put!

Page 3 -- Pictures of the Mt. Sac 2006 Relays!

Page 4 -- My 56-05.75 throw video!

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