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Sunday, April 2, 2006 !!  
My LAST home meet!
Cardinal & Gold!
Kate gets a
NEW school record and I am consistent!

 USC's Wrap Up and Meet Results!

MY feature in the USC REPORT!

Apr. 8th

There is always
 a secret power behind every great enterprise. I sent my ace reporter out to discover the hidden identity of the mysterious web master of USC Track and Field.com

My reporter told me that our web master was in complete disguise by wearing a hat!

Webmaster, Thank you for all you do!
This was my LAST home meet -- but not my last as a Trojan! I am going to try to make it last and last and last!

Love me when I least deserve it,
because that is when I really need it.

Old Swedish Proverb


The 'Man in Red' is no stranger to track and field!

Kirby Lee is probably one of the best known photographers in Track and Field and his work can be viewed on many top sites, including Trackshark.com and Dyestat.Com!

I had asked my CUB reporter to capture a picture of him if possible! Mr. Lee can be somewhat elusive!

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I really don't want to get all misty eyed about my last home meet as a Trojan. I really didn't think it was going to happen -- but it did.

My dad did warn me. He said "nothing prepares you for the fun, challenge and excitement you will have at 'SC.  There's something about the faculty -- there's something about the academics  -- and there's something about that white horse that will keep calling you back to 'SC. "

Fight on!

Never rest on your oars as a boss.
If you do, the whole company starts sinking

-- Lee Iacocca

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Watch my video of my 53-7 throw!
MY feature in the USC REPORT!

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