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Looking at how others work through some of the challenges we each find in throwing is a useful tool in bettering your own throwing or in helping others! At the Trojan Invitational, I met a thrower who said she was 'raised' on my videos, so here is some pay back for all of your support! good luck! -- Karen :)

My Latest Throwing Video!

Latest Technique frame-by-frame Analysis of the shot

Behind the scenes and behind the success!

One of the secret ingredients in the success of any athlete is a great support system or -- as I call it -- 'the pit crew".

Here are Noah Bryant's parents showing their support in more than one way. Noah's dad takes films for Noah and Coach to download later for review!

One of the things I have noticed about Trojan Parents -- more than most -- is how supportive they are of their athletes. Some brought food, some just cheered and some helped out.

Whether it's football, basketball or track -- the Trojan family makes it happen!

Thank you!

Mom went across the street and brought
 back 'Subway Sandwiches" , sodas
and chips!

I bought my parents some 'SC outfits for
the occasion!
Here's dad in his 'protective' hat, the sun did burn some that day. Dad also took some great movies for me to study! Mom burned them on a dvd and I can review them on my TV!

Own only what you can carry with you;
know language, know countries, know people.
 Let your memory be your travel bag.
 -- Alexander Solzhenitsyn


Bobby Patton is a friend of mine from
high school. She was a thrower at
Righetti High School in Santa
Maria , California , then for Allan
Hancock Junior College. Now Bobby
is a
 Junior at Cal State Northridge.

Why is Bobby celebrating? Isn't is obvious?
 Bobby has made the qualifications list
for the Regional NCAA Championship
later this year at BYU!

Don't forget to BUY YOUR tickets!


You have to do your own growing,
no matter how tall your grandfather was.
-- Abraham Lincoln

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My Latest Throwing Video!

Latest Technique frame-by-frame Analysis of the shot

Thank you! for supporting me:) and the TROJANS!!

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