USC is probably the worlds best place to watch the shot and discus!

Below you will see some of the reasons it is exciting to throw at SC! The athletes and the fans really get us motivated!


My "Pit Crew"! Mom and Dad

Noah Bryant preparing for another
60 footer!
Aaron Dan warms up for another throw.

An Appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile
-- hoping it will eat him last.
 -- Winston Churchill

Will Denbo in the shot! Will is
 from Tennessee and dad was
yelling: "get them Yankees!"
Throwers CHEERING big time for the Trojans!
Here we are at the start
of the men's shot
Karla's Corner!

I have devoted a little space
in each K-Mail for my sister
to display her wonderful art!

Karla is a special person
in my life.

See it ! (look & deal honestly with your competitors), Believe it! (don't write off your competitor's achievements, understand what works and what you can use) Deal with it! (work on a program that will make you competitive)

-- Karen Freberg

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My Latest Throwing Video!

Latest Technique frame-by-frame Analysis of the shot

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